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Mexican Cuisine Demonstration

Mexican cuisine demonstration at Le Cordon Bleu London

Le Cordon Bleu London were pleased to welcome Le Cordon Bleu Mexico Chefs, Cédric Carême and Aldo Omar Morales for a Guest Chef Demonstration on Mexican cuisine and flavours.

Chef Cédric Carême began cooking at the age of 15 and deciding to become a pastry chef when he was 20. His career has since taken off, with praise by many other pastry chefs, such as Marc Rossi and Claude Bourguignon. Chef Cédric joined Le Cordon Bleu Mexico in 2009 and is now the Head Pastry Chef and Bakery Chef.

Chef Aldo Omar Morales is currently the Head of Mexican Food at Le Cordon Bleu Mexico and a teaching chef at the school specialising in fusing French cooking techniques with traditional Mexican cuisine. Chef Aldo started his career in Hacienda de los Morales in Mexico City and was later granted a scholarship, after which he became an apprentice at the Hermitage Hotel in Monaco. He then completed a Master’s degree in Culinary Arts and Business by Le Cordon Bleu-Anáhuac.

During their demonstration at Le Cordon Bleu London, they showcased how to make Noctal Cactus Salad which was served with agar agar as well as onion and tomato. They also served a distinctive dessert described as Milk Rice, Panna Cotta, Black Sesame Crumble, Black Beer Ice Cream and Mango Coulis.

In just two hours, attendees were introduced to some unique Mexican flavours and shown very advanced cooking techniques. The chefs had a good sense of humour which kept the audience engrossed and helped them learn new skills