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Student’s Masterclass in Chocolate

Le Cordon Bleu Melbourne
Le Cordon Bleu Melbourne Masterclass with Pastry Chef Pascal Janvier

Pascal Janvier, Cacao Barry Ambassador, Asia/Pacific region, leads Masterclass

80 students at Le Cordon Bleu Melbourne enjoyed the last of the master classes for 2016. The final master chef was Pascal Janvier, master in chocolate and pastry art.  Pascal has won numerous awards and named one of the top 10 pastry chefs in America.  His masterclasses are designed to educate students about the finer qualities of chocolate and its origin.

Students were treated to samples of chocolate from Cuba, Tanzania, Ghana, Mexico, and Venezuela.  Enjoying high-quality chocolate is an experience like no other.  The flavours are rich and complex, and there is a large variation in the flavours among various chocolates; it was noted that the flavour compounds found in dark chocolate exceed those in red wine! 

Pascal encouraged the students to study the taste and texture, and as the chocolate melted in their mouths, to concentrate on the evolving flavours that unfolded. 

A very sweet treat, indeed!

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