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Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning launches ‘bite-sized’ online courses

Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning is proud to announce a new online 4-week course 'Contemporary Culinary Arts: Modernist Cuisine & the Art of Dining' commencing this October, facilitated by Le Cordon Bleu Master of Gastronomic Tourism and Haute Etudes du Gout graduate Neil Gow.

Contemporary Culinary Arts: Modernist Cuisine

Ferran Adrià, Heston Blumenthal, and Massimo Bottura have fundamentally changed how we taste, enjoy, relate to and experience food by harnessing a multi-sensory approach to dining that triggers the evocative power of memory and shapes our cultural and social identities through the dining experience.

Contemporary Culinary Arts: Modernist Cuisine & The Art of Dining is a 4-week online course with special guest lectures from leading chefs such as Shaun Quade of Restaurant Lûmé and Modernist Cuisine founders. It covers the ascendency of this culinary trend, its philosophical basis, importance and global influence, as well as the creative processes and scientific research behind its success and likely future developments.

This course will appeal to those interested in future dining trends, gastronomy and science academics and students; chefs, restaurateurs, hospitality professionals; restaurant reviewers; and passionate foodies, with a time commitment of only 3 hours a week over 4 weeks.

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Neil Gow hosts Gastrophysics seminar in Brisbane

‘Gastrophysics: The Art of Consuming Everything but the Food’, held at the new Le Cordon Bleu Brisbane Institute on 23 August by host Neil Gow, attracted a wide audience from budding gastronomes, industry professionals, hospitality educators, chefs and aspiring foodies.

Over 78 people registered for the seminar in Brisbane presented by Le Cordon Bleu Professional Learning (online). In this enjoyable and thought-provoking seminar, Neil examined contemporary trends in techno-emotive and multi-sensory dining, delving into its influence on dining and restaurant practises and emerging trends in cuisine and dining.

Click here to read Neil Gow's interview 'How science is changing the dining experience'.