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Is a hospitality career right for you?

Hospitality is a world where highly-skilled individuals from all walks of life are employed in diverse roles, leading to dynamic and enduring careers.

Employment opportunities in the hospitality sector are broad – if you think it’s all about cooking then you’ll be pleasantly surprised. There are jobs to suit people with a love of mathematics, leadership and creative passion. The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in our economy, and is expected to generate more than 380 million jobs globally by 2027.

The hospitality industry offers students with the right qualifications access to a broad range of jobs. In fact, 95 per cent of Le Cordon Bleu students are employed in the first six months after graduation, which shows how valuable a hospitality qualification is.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to decide whether hospitality is the right industry for you.

Do you get a thrill out of organisation?

If you're one of those people who organises their desk right down to the last paper clip, you might be cut out for restaurant or hotel management. Both jobs are fast paced, which means they're suited to people who can organise shifting schedules, time pressures and a constantly changing environment.

Do you love working with people?

Hospitality is a good fit for anyone who loves working with people. Hospitality is often associated with customer service, but this is only one small part of it. You could find yourself working as a human resources coordinator in a large hotel, or managing a dynamic team in a five-star restaurant.

Large businesses such as hotels and resorts are always in need of skilled staff to manage their internal teams, from heads of department to people in charge of recruitment and training. With a degree in hospitality management you can easily find a 'people person' role in the industry.

Do you want a job where no two days are the same?

Maybe you want something a little more exciting than five days a week in an office? Many hospitality roles involve working different shifts every week which could provide the variety you're looking for.

Due to the diversity of roles available within the sector, you can still pursue an office job in your area of interest within hospitality. If you enjoy accounting, you could manage the finances for a large international hotel chain. If you are considering a career in communications, hospitality businesses also need marketers and skilled communicators. There is huge scope within the industry to follow your passion.

Do you enjoy the challenge of thinking outside the square?

Innovative thinkers who excel at tackling problems from different angles are a perfect match for hospitality.

Hotel management can give you the opportunity to put creative ideas into action, planning corporate functions and business events. You could also find your niche in a hotel working in marketing or sales, using your creativity to come up with new ways to reach your audience on social media.

How do you know a career in hospitality is right for you?

If you want a career in an exciting industry with broad employment opportunities, explore the range of hotel and restaurant management qualifications offered at Le Cordon Bleu. For help choosing the right qualification and career path, contact our friendly team.

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