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Ice Cream and Sorbet
Laboratory Workshop

ice cream workshop 1

This is one of the most popular workshops we had conducted. Thanks to Bravo from Italy who loaned us the ice-cream making machine so that Chef Sarju Ranavaya was able to guide the class through using several techniques to make many flavours of sorbet and ice-cream. The students created  – sorbet, ice-cream combination, ice-cream in various shapes and sizes such as boutique ice-cream “ entremets” cakes, ice-cream log cake and round cakes.

ice cream workshop 2The end result was an amazing table full of popular tropical dessert in rainbow colours for everyone to savour and to take home.

We will be including ice-cream making in one of our micro series workshops for industry chefs as well as alumni who are in the café and restaurant business. Do look out for our ice-cream making classes in the very near future.

ice cream workshop 3

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