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How to network for hospitality career success

Education and skills are vital to your career in the hospitality sector, however these can only get you so far. Climbing the career ladder in your chosen hospitality field calls for a combination of education, experience and meaningful industry connections.

Why is networking so important in hospitality?

Access unique job opportunities

The informal job market is made up of roles which may not yet be vacant or even exist. These are positions that are projected to be created by organisational leaders, or soon to be vacated by a retiring or resigning staff member, that have not yet been advertised. When new positions appear in the informal job market, the only way to access these is via the power of networking.

When like-minded professionals are aware of your skills and experience, they are able to put you forward for a role within their organisation before it has even become available. This puts you at the front of the hiring line and gives you the competitive edge above other talent in the sector. A 2016 survey by LinkedIn and the Adler Group suggests up to 85 per cent of jobs are filled via networking, and a survey by Nisbets shows referrals are the number one means of hiring in food service sectors.

Continue your lifelong learning

On average, young Australians today are expected to be in 17 different jobs over five careers in their lifetime, according to McCrindle. This diversity of employment requires ongoing learning, particularly with the rapid automation of many skills. Professional development is vital to future career success, and networking is one of many ways to nurture your skills.

Building a network both helps you find experienced professionals to act as mentors and opens your world up to a range of perspectives, encouraging you to think beyond your own lived experiences.

How Le Cordon Bleu supports your networking

Work Integrated Learning

Your networking experiences can begin during Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in your chosen Le Cordon Bleu study programme. Supported by Le Cordon Bleu's Industry Engagement Team you will have a structured workplace experience. You may work closely with hospitality professionals who can act as mentors and be the first link in the chain of your professional network.

Alumni Network

Your network will grow during your Le Cordon Bleu studies and after graduation. Our alumni belong to a global community of Le Cordon Bleu trained professionals. This prestigious group of industry professionals may act as your platform for ongoing professional development and networking.

As one of the world's leading hospitality educators, Le Cordon Bleu is a partner for lifelong career success. To learn more about our prestigious culinary and hospitality management programmes contact us today.

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