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Demonstration by Chef Alberto Palomar at Le Cordon Bleu London

Guest Chef Demonstration with Alberto Palomar

Hosting a guest chef demonstration at Le Cordon Bleu London was Alberto Palomar; known as ‘the Chef of the sea’, he is the Gastronomic Director, Sales Manager and Consultant of Plancton Marino Veta la Palma based Spain. This is the first and only company in the world to have authority to produce food from phytoplankton (marine plankton) in Europe since 2014. Chef Alberto demonstrated three dishes to provide guests with an understanding and appreciation for utilizing phytoplankton in dishes.

Phytoplankton is a microalgae formed by only one cell and is one of the most vital collections of organisms on earth, estimating to contribute to 50% to 80% of the world’s oxygen. The comsumption of this offers many health benefits such as vitamins and antioxidants and is packed with minerals. Chef Alberto aims to merge the world of science with product innovation, with his philosophy that “we are responsible to go beyond what nature gives us.”

Chef Alberto demonstrated a Plancton Marino Risotto dish, in which he cooked the risotto rice and placed on sample dishes for guests with steamed mussels and garlic mayonnaise, before pouring the Plancton Marino paste on the risotto. For the second demonstration, Chef Alberto made a dish of Octopus with Mango and Plancton Marino Vinaigrette. He first boiled octopus tentacles, adding mango cubes and a few drops of the Plancton Marino mix alongside the octopus on the plate, with sprouts and sprinkled sea salt completing the dish.

A Codfish Salad Marinated with Plancton Marino was made for the third dish and Chef Alberto created a fine Plancton Marino paste, adding to a vacuum bag with desalted cod loin and leaving it to osmose for 12 hours. Once cooked in a water bath, he placed on sample dishes with grated tomato, black olives and coriander leaves on top, before he handed the tasters to each guest.


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