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Why Are Food Photography & Styling Now More Important Than ever?

One of the first things that restaurants, bars, or any similar business can do to impress and attract the customers is the great pictures of their menu to showcase the products. These are the strong reasons why Le Cordon Bleu Dusit includes Food Styling and Food Photography in our comprehensive curriculum of Professional Thai Cuisine Programme.

Apart from teaching Thai culinary techniques, the Professional Thai Cuisine Programme's curriculum at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit also covers Food Styling and Food Photography modules so the students will gain more essential skills which can be used and adapted in their businesses.

Find out what are you going to learn in the Thai Cuisine – Food Styling Module:
  • Part One: Introduction to Food Styling Techniques
    • Explain the fundamentals of food styling for photography, video, film or display such as Thai restaurant menus
    • Demonstrate some techniques in arranging and presenting food in an attractive manner for a Thai restaurant setting and increasing appeal by complementary selection of dinnerware/ colour, texture, shape, cooking method and garnishes
    • Set the dishes, to include propping and preparing, such as but not limited to: manipulating natural light, perspective, focus, depth of field, selective focus, lighting, reflections and other creative approaches.
    • Use design elements such as colors, textures and negative space in creating and shooting enticing displays of food for menus.
  • Part Two: Food Styling Workshop
    • Practice the principles learned to authentically and attractively present one sweet and savoury Thai dish suitable for restaurant service
    • Coach students to get the most of whatever camera they use to maximize the visual appeal of the food presented
    • Record students’ efforts and debrief (individually and as a group) on the quality of the dishes presented and how they influence menu choices.
Fearturing the Introduction to Restaurant Management and Wine Pairing with Thai Food, the Professional Thai Cuisine Programme offers you the most comprehensive curriculum which is designed to shine your business out of others in the industry.

Some of Thai Dishes Created by Our Chefs

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