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Christmas Cookery Demonstration with Chef Yannick Anton

Le Cordon Bleu are delighted to share this special festive culinary demonstration as part of the Advent Calendar 2022.

Brought to you by Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa, this demonstration features Chef Yannick Anton, executive chef of Signatures restaurant and cuisine instructor. In this video Chef Yannick shows you how to prepare two delicious festive dishes which are perfect small plates for the festive season.

The recipes in this video are red mullet and tapenade toasts, a dish which come straight from Provence and are a perfect savoury snack that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less, and creamed Roquefort and walnuts - deliciously creamy appetizers made with Roquefort, cream cheese and roasted walnuts that will be the star of any celebration during the festive season!

Chef Yannick is originally from Nice in France, and has a wealth of experience in Michelin-star restaurants and luxury hotels, in addition to winning multiple prestigious culinary competitions.

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