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The Equibocados Documentary Selected in the 2024 Málaga Film Festival CINEMA COCINA Category

EThe Equibocados Documentary
Selected in the 2024 Málaga Film Festival

The Málaga Film Festival selects Equibocados, the first executively produced feature documentary created by Le Cordon Bleu Madrid, the prestigious haute cuisine culinary institute, in the Cinema Cocina category. The film festival celebrates its 27th edition this year. The festival has contributed significantly to the development of Spanish cinema by spotlighting the best documentaries, short films, etc. In its fourth year, the Cinema Cocina section is the first official category of its kind in a film festival not specialized in food or cuisine showcasing culinary cinema.

The Equibocados documentary project aims to reflect on how we learn by specifically refocusing our attention on the process rather than only on the results and accepting that making mistakes is an intrinsic part of the learning process. Filmed between the Spanish regions of Galicia and Valencia, the documentary depicts the visions of various culinary professionals, from bakers, farmers, beekeepers and Michelin-starred chefs, among them Javier Olleros, the chef at Culler de Pau; Guillermo Moscoso, the baker at Pan de Moa; the Valencian chef Ricard Camarena from the restaurant Ricard Camarena; Santos Ruiz, the director at the Designation of Origin of Valencian Rice organization; María José Martínez, the chef at restaurant Lienzo, and many more.

The documentary features several of the chef instructors from the Institute, who, along with the other protagonists, demonstrate their commitment to supporting food and gastronomy while highlighting the importance of professional training in one of the most significant sectors of the Spanish economy.

Rosario Barrios, director at the Le Cordon Bleu Madrid Institute, affirms that today’s culture of now and the immediacy of media we live in make us perceive making mistakes as something unacceptable, frustrating and even socially frowned upon. “Our teaching experience gives us the privilege to reflect on the importance of making mistakes and to face this naturally as part of the process”.

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