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Chef Emil Minev speaks at Gastronomix Culinary Forum

This week Le Cordon Bleu London’s Culinary Arts Director, Chef Emil Minev, was at Gastronomix 2020, to share his knowledge and expertise as part of their programme of masterclasses and lectures. The Gastronomix culinary forum is held within the framework of SIHRE; an international exhibition for hotel and restaurant equipment, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Chef Emil’s lecture, which took place on the third day of the forum, was on the topic of the chef profession. Chef Emil is vocal about the discrepancy between the popularity and prestige of being a chef, and the unsocial hours and low salary that is the reality for many chefs working in the industry today.

On the final day of the event, Chef Emil presented a lecture and culinary demonstration topically titled Zero Food Waste; Creating a Dish from Humble Ingredients. Reducing food waste is an important issue in professional kitchens today, and it is imperative for culinary professionals to understand how to make more of the ingredients they use.

Chef Emil was joined by some of the team from Le Cordon Bleu London, who were there to provide information and assistance to attendees about the institute and studying in London.

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