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Catching up with Le Cordon Bleu students post lockdown

Our Le Cordon Bleu London students have been itching to get back into their chef whites, having postponed their studies during lockdown.

Whether you’ve been working or not, it has been a unique experience adjusting to all the changes, and our students are no different. Many would have been lucky enough to graduate before the lockdown, but many more were in the middle of their studies or just about to start.

When you’re geared up for a busy schedule of demonstrations, classes and studying, suddenly facing all that free time can be a culture shock. But our students haven’t been sitting and twiddling their thumbs, rather they have been doing all they can to keep honing their cooking skills outside of class. From experimenting at home to baking up a storm for charitable causes, we’ve been very impressed with how proactive the Le Cordon Bleu students have been.

We caught up with Grand Diplôme® students, Carter King and Sashya Karunanayake, in class to find out what they’ve been up to during lockdown, and what it’s like to back at Le Cordon Bleu London with the new safety measures in place.

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