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Meet Hee Eun Yoo

Bachelor in Culinary Arts Management graduate

July 2019 - Le Cordon Bleu Paris offers two Bachelor's degrees in International Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Management, in partnership with the prestigious Université Paris-Dauphine. Last June, the first class of Bachelor's graduates received their diploma, and we went to meet HeeEun after her graduation. She looks back on her 3 years at the institute and presents her future projects.

Can you quickly introduce yourself and tell us what you did before Le Cordon Bleu?

I am 24 years old and come from South Korea. Before Le Codon Bleu, I was studying in Canada from middle school until high school and studied art. After graduating high school, I came to Paris to study in the pastry field in France. While I was looking for a school, I heard that Le Cordon Bleu was starting a new Bachelor Programme in Culinary Arts management.

Why did you choose to study Culinary Arts management?

I am passionate about pastry and want to produce unique and qualitative products for the public. I decided to study Culinary Arts management for a professional project : taking over my parents’ business in Korea. They currently operate 36 years old historical pastry shops in Korea and I wanted to learn management and pastry techniques to have the skills to manage it in the future.

Tell us more about your experience at Le Cordon Bleu Paris.

Our class was very multicultural, which enabled us to experience diverse cultures and learn more about many countries, it was very interesting. I was also able to take 3 internships which helped me gain various experiences.

Where did you do these internships ?

In first year, I did an internship at Le Taste Monde, a gastronomic restaurant in Paris, where I was working in the kitchen. I had another work placement on my first year of studies a Hexagone et Histoires (1 and 2 Michelin stars restaurants), in the kitchen as well. In second year, I worked in a French-Japanese pastry shop, Mori Yoshida, in production and management.

How have these internships helped you grow?

Through 3 years of Bachelor programme, I was able to work in diverse fields, from gastronomic restaurant to pastry shop, helping me find which industry I am more interested in. It was also a good experience to discover French culinary industry to apply on my future business!

During your 3rd year, you studied at Paris-Dauphine University, Le Cordon Bleu partner. Can you tell us more about this experience?

We had diverse classes related to management: marketing, entrepreneurship, project management, Digital Era, Operation, Finance, Negotiation, and Global Strategy. It was the first year of Le Cordon Bleu & Paris-Dauphine University partnership and the content of classes was precise and qualitative.
I am very satisfied with the classes in Paris-Dauphine, the classes were very concrete, and I learned a lot in theoretical management.

You come from South Korea, how did you find life in Paris?

Everything was new! It was my first time living in Paris and studying in a country I’ve never been to. During my 3 years in Paris, I was able to meet diverse people, experience new culture, food, language and worked in the culinary industry!

What are your plans now that you have graduated?

Before taking over my parents’ business in Korea, I want to gain more experience and will work in pastry shops for a few years in France.

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