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Talking with Industry: Partnerships creating work ready graduates

Why integrating your learning into the workplace is so valued by employers
Le Cordon Bleu Australia Talking with Industry: Partnerships creating work ready graduates

Le Cordon Bleu Australia’s Career Service team is presenting a series of articles & video interviews from our valued industry partners on the key elements of connecting employers with work ready hospitality students.

Work Integrated Learning. Work Placement. Industry Placement. Internships.

Different names that we use to describe the key ingredient that, ultimately, helps our students add the finishing touches they need to become work ready graduates that are keenly sought after by industry.

Le Cordon Bleu understands the needs of our industry partners because we listen to them when they tell us what qualities they are looking for in their staff, and then we design programs that reflect these needs.

Our Career Services teams, all hospitality and careers specialists, have a direct line of communication to our industry partners. When they are not busy engaging with and educating our students, teaching them the techniques they need to secure their dream jobs, techniques such as resume writing skills, interview techniques, career building and goal setting, professional presentation and networking skills, they are out in the field speaking with industry and sourcing work opportunities - for both current students and graduates alike.

We understand that without the valuable and ongoing support of our industry partners, helping our hospitality management and culinary students realise their future dreams and aspirations would not be possible.

Le Cordon Bleu has developed over the years a number of outstanding industry partnerships, to provide an insight as to what they are looking for in those they hire, and why they value Le Cordon Bleu students; what qualities they value about them, and perhaps even uncover some other trade secrets along the way.  We had the privilege of interviewing Julien Pouteau, Executive Chef, QT Hotels and Resorts, where over the years we have been fortunate enough to have a number of students work with this employer.

“We engage Le Cordon Bleu chefs because obviously they are a fantastic platform to find a chef that wants to build a career. Obviously with a program in place to develop their (LCB’s) chefs not only in the field (in the workplace) but also…giving them a general understanding of our industry…that really, for me, is a key part of hiring such a chef. Why? Because I know that they want to make a career. I know that they have a vision to develop, to grow and that it is my responsibility to help them out, to get there, but I know the foundation is right and that’s what really interests me about Le Cordon Bleu.”

Listening to Julien talk, it is clear to see that he places great value on the combination of theory and practice, both in the classrooms and out in industry during work placements, that Le Cordon Bleu offers its students as part of their programs.

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