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Book Launch

This inaugural book project have special significant to  Sunway Le Cordon Bleu which not only celebrates  the  more than 120  years legacy of the founding school in Paris but also the Institute here in Malaysia which bags 2 awards this year.

The extracts below will give you a glimpse of the book which is to be launch today :-

Forward by the  President and CEO Mr Andre Cointreau “ Today, Le Cordon Bleu is present in some 28 countries with more than 57 international schools attended by 22,000 students annually, making Le Cordon Bleu the only truly global educator in the culinary arts, hospitality and tourism management.

Our partner, Sunway, wanted the school in Malaysia to create something special in conjunction with the 120th anniversary of Le Cordon Bleu. They had mooted the idea of a book project featuring recipes with a French touch by chefs of Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia, using local ingredients and presenting local flavours.

In this book, our current pool of Master Chef Instructors in Malaysia share how their personal lives and their love of local produce had spurred them to create unique dishes using basic, readily available ingredients. With their vast knowledge, skills and experience, it will be a display of artisanal French culinary art at its finest.”

Preface by Chef Rodolphe Onno, Technical Director and one of the Authors of the book “Our ambition as authors of this book is to show readers various ways of bringing out the extraordinary from what may be considered everyday ingredients. The essence of cooking comes from the natural curiosity of people and their desire to learn and improve. As we share our wisdom on cooking and impart new ideas on how to use the local produce featured in this book, we also hope to captivate your palates as well as your imagination.”

We hope you will enjoy the event and please take home a copy of the book and have our chefs to autograph it before you leave. 

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