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Advent Day Two: Wood-smoked dried Guérande salt

The salt marshes in Guérande, Brittany, have been a source of industry since Roman times. A new generation of salt farmers still use the traditional methods to harvest salt from the marshes.

From June to September, they harvest the salt in 7,000 salt ponds and take special care with the fleur de sel, a salt that forms as a thin, delicate crust on the surface as the water evaporates and is used today as a garnishing salt.

Wood-smoked salt is an excellent store cupboard staple and can be stored as you would any other salt. The smoky flavour of this 100% wood-smoked salt is perfect for adding a rich layer of flavour to meat and vegetables. It is perfect for adding to any dish where you want the flavour of flame-grilled food without the hassle, which is especially helpful when it’s too chilly to cook outside.

When it does come to barbeque season, add smoked salt to your marinade to take your meats to the next level. This will further enhance the wonderful smoky flavours of anything you’re flame grilling. 

It’s not only savoury food that can benefit from this versatile ingredient, smoked salt can be mixed with caramel and drizzled over ice cream, popcorn or other desserts for an intense salt and smoke caramel flavour. Why not salt the rim of your more savoury cocktails and mocktails to add a smoky note to a Bloody Mary, Margarita or Mezcal-based cocktail? You can boldly experiment with this ingredient to discover your favourite use.

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