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Advent Day Thirteen: Crazy Salt

Crazy Salt

Crazy Salt contains a delicious combination of sea salt and spices, providing an all in one seasoning to sprinkle over your dishes. Use it to season everything including vegetables, fish, meat dishes and eggs to boost their flavours.

Crazy Salt is a blend of coarse salt, paprika, rosemary, pink berries and cayenne pepper. It is a speciality of Guérande and the Ile de Ré. The blend boasts a slightly smoky, spicy flavour that particularly complements red and white meats and pan-fried vegetables.

The pink peppercorn not only brings a piquant and slightly sweet flavour, but the bright pink colour makes this blend extra vibrant. Did you know that the pink peppercorn comes from the schinus molle, or pepper tree? An evergreen tree that is the largest of the schinus species, it is a member of the cashew family and is native to South America. Pink peppercorns, which are the dried berries of the pepper tree are sometimes used in beverages and medicines because of their hot taste and aroma.

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