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              Whether you're an amateur, or if you are testing yourself for one of our professional programmes, there is a place for you in our kitchens. During our short courses of one session, you will work in a professional environment, you will learn from our teachers and find out how knowledge of their techniques can become your best cooking "trick".

              We will put at your disposal all the ingredients and utensils you need and at the end, you will take your masterpiece of work home.

              How do these course work?

              The short courses of a single session are practical workshops on various subjects. The length is usually 3 to 5 hours, although there are certain topics that require the session to be delivered in two different days. The usual structure of these workshops is:

              • Welcome café and site visit
              • Explanation of dynamics of the work
              • Application of the corresponding techniques through the development of the course recipes.
              • Tasting of the dish prepared by the Chef
              • Preparation of the packaging to take home the dishes that you have made.

              Types of Courses

              Spanish Cuisine: it is one of the most popular cuisines worldwide. From classics of our land: tapas, bespoke cuisine to vanguard dishes. You decide which version you like most and eat mouthfuls of the different regions of the map.

              Cuisine: be inspired by the creations of our chefs and add a touch of haute cuisine to your table. You will understand how the knowledge of techniques and the good product changes the outcome of the dish.

              Pastry: if you are clear that your calling is for sweet things, see our selection of classic pastries. A light puff pastry, a crunchy dough or shiny chocolate, can stop keeping their secrets from you - if you discover the artistry of our teachers.

              Les Petits Cordons Bleus: in our school, the youngsters can also be great chefs. Always with an adult at hand and attentive to the orders of the chef, they will be brought to dare with new textures and flavours to surprise and enjoy the funniest version of haute cuisine.

              Cooking without parents: a challenge for young people between 14 and 17, who can test their culinary skills. Without parents or pressure, face to face with the chef, they will show who is the real chef of the house.

              Bakery: the pleasure of making bread with your hands is accessible to all. Learn to understand the behaviour of the doughs, the importance of the temperatures and the possibilities of converting the oven in your own workshop: sourdough breads, croissants, brioche snacks.

              What do you take home?

              Your course enrolment kit includes a hat, apron and dishcloth to make you feel at home, without forgetting that you are in a professional environment. You will receive a booklet of notes with recipes so that you can take notes and also at the end of each session, you'll take home with you all the dishes that you have prepared during the workshop.

              Once you have completed the specialized course you will receive the appropriate certificate and you will have a selection of photos to remember your haute cuisine experience.

              How can I surprise a friend with a Course?

              Choose between an extensive variety of workshops and surprise with an authentic experience in haute cuisine.

              Think in a special person, choose the course that you like the most and check if there are seats available. Suscribe the person to whom you want to surprise, one advice: put your contact information if you don't want to spoil the surprise! Once you have received the enrollment confirmation, you must contact us in order to prepare the gift card.

              If you have any doubt, please contact us: +34 91 715 10 46.