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              José Luis Cabañero portrait

              José Luis Cabañero

              Grand Diplôme®


              Eatable Adventures was born in 2015 with the aim of collaborating in the professional development of the Spanish gastronomic market. Our scope of work is focused on the detection of talent and innovation, and the implementation of processes that channel it towards the market and industry. We work in three areas: incubation of projects in their early stages, support for established businesses and development of the gastro entrepreneurship sector, where we manage the GastroEmprendedores community, with more than 2,200 members today

              #mipasoporLCBM has allowed me to have a solid knowledge of the internal needs of the sector, to identify the best practices of the market and, in particular, to internalize the bases of good cooking and culinary excellence”

              Gonzalo Sainz García

              Gonzalo Sainz García

              Grand Diplôme®


              Sabor started in 2016 as the first challenge of chef Diego Guerrero outside our national borders. The purpose of the restaurant was to share with China all the strength of Spanish cuisine, with the personality that Diego Guerrero runs the kitchens of Dstage, with two Michelin stars. Sabor is like a laboratory where you create your own language, fruit of the combination between Dstage and the influences of Chinese food that we see day to day

              My team and I directed the stoves from the very beginning and we have had very good acceptance from the city.

              #mipasoporLCBM taught me a lot of things, but I would highlight two. First, that this is a profession that must be loved or dedicated yourself to something else. And second, that things are not right until they are perfect"

              Cristina Loring Díaz de Bustamante portrait

              Cristina Loring Díaz de Bustamante

              Grand Diplôme®


              After working in the family business, I realized that catering was an exciting business, but I needed to strengthen my bases in cooking. I decided to bet on Le Cordon Bleu Madrid to learn how to cook for real. Hence I can talk about TenCook today. We turn all our professionalism and know how to surpass the expectations of our clients, taking care of all the details, adapting us to all kinds of circumstances, involving us to the maximum and demonstrating our passion and illusion, put at the service of each project.

              #mipasoporLCBM was the best thing I could do for my career. The school gave me great strength, gave me the enthusiasm to improve myself every day and taught me that all the details matter”

              Arantxa de Miguel cooking

              Arantxa de Miguel

              Grand Diplôme®

              Degree in Gastronomy of the UFV

              Starting with a solid academic background and professional experience as a Chemical Engineer, I decided to follow my vocation and train as a chef at the London headquarters of one of the most prestigious schools: Le Cordon Bleu. I have thus completed a professional profile of great transversality, versatile and prepared for the demands of a very demanding and progressive labour market.

              #mipasoporLCBM has given me the opportunity to combine my great passions: cooking and teaching, supported by the rigour and exigency that characterizes every engineer”

              La dulce encomienda logo

              Eulalia Fernández-Daza Álvarez



              In 2011 with great success, I decided, with the unconditional support of my husband, to study at Le Cordon Bleu, which was then beginning its journey through Spain. I gained a Diploma in Pastry, friends and memories ... Memories that are still very present thanks to my current business "La dulce encomienda", a store specialized in raw material of the highest quality and professional usage.

              #mipasoporLCBM awakened in me the curiosity for the chemical, physical and technical processes that lead us to obtain the highly valued final product in the kitchen and allowed me to turn a dream that I had pursued from when just a girl into a reality”

              Luisa Fernanda Gallego chef

              Luisa Fernanda Gallego



              The Creative Pastry and Bakery Salon of Colombia was born from the need to create a space for training, promotion and interaction of the actors in the sector with others related to it. With this initiative we contribute to the development and professionalization of Colombian gastronomy, to promote the growth of pastry making and to promote gastronomic tourism.

              #mipasoporLCBM has changed my understanding of Pastry. The teachers have given me some very valuable tools and the security to develop my potential. My business training and my passion for Pastry have brought me here. I can say with pride that from this project, we are transforming the gastronomy of Colombia”

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