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              Gourmet & Short Courses


              For beginners, gourmet enthusiasts or those wanting to be the best house party host, a wide range of courses have been designed to satisfy the time and budget conscious. A great way to experience first-hand the world of Le Cordon Bleu.


              • Début Lessons

                Début Lessons are 3-lesson courses designed for beginners, and are a great opportunity to get a taste of the Cordon Bleu experience. Students will receive individual attention from our master chefs as they carefully explain and dissect techniques and recipe elements. These hands-on classes introduce students to the world of French culinary arts, and are a fun and challenging chance to learn something new.

                Début Lessons are courses of 3 lessons, held once a month, every month. Choose the month that works for you and start right away.

                Class Times & Fees: 3-Lesson Course (1/month)
                Cuisine, Pastry (2 hours/lesson)
                Bakery (3 hours/lesson)

                First-time applicants are required to purchase the Début Starter Kit composed of Le Cordon Bleu Cooler Bag, Apron, Towel, and Début Binder

                • French Cuisine "Very Easy"
                • French Cuisine "Seasonal"
                • French Pâtisserie "Ever Popular"
                • French Pâtisserie "Seasonal"
                • Boulangerie
                • French Boulangerie
              • Sabrina Lessons

                One-day classes using seasonal ingredients for experienced students.

                "Sabrina classes are geared towards students looking to apply their culinary knowledge a step further. Technique, flavour, seasonality, and aesthetics are all key in these one-day lessons centred on creations by our master chefs. Discover traditional and modern flavour combinations while exploring a more creative side of French gastronomy. The last 30mn are spent with the chef, around a table, with adrink, where participants would taste the chef’s product while spending time with him for questions and conversation."

                Choose from our selection of menus to find the lesson that suits your level and your interests.
                Duration: 1 day (3 hours or 6 hours-class)

              • Atelier
                Ateliers are one-day (6 hours) courses in French cuisine, pâtisserie, and boulangerie where students can take the time to fully immerse themselves in the topic or theme of the class.

              Short Courses

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