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              Basic Cuisine Certificate


              Basic Cuisine is designed to develop students’ competencies to work in a professional kitchen. Beginning with basic knife skills, students steadily progress to learn stocks, sauces, butchery and all classic cooking methods whilst familiarizing themselves with French culinary terminology. Students will also develop personal kitchen organization skills through individual practical application.

              Programme Details

              • Course Structure

                Basic Cuisine Certificate: 182.5 hours

                Core Objectives:

                  Demonstrate fundamental basic cuisine preparation and cooking techniques including
                • knife skills
                • basic classical vegetable cuts
                • elementary butchery and fish filleting skills
                • basic stocks and derivatives
                • basic soups including bisque, consommé, clarifications
                • elementary sauces and emulsions
                • basic doughs (pasta, short crust, puff pastry) and techniques
                • elementary egg techniques including omelette, poached, soufflé and scramble
                • elementary methods of cooking (ex. braising, boiling, frying, poaching, sautéing, roasting, ragout, grilling)
                • classic French desserts
                • introduction to plating presentation

                • Identify French Culinary Terms
                  Follow health and hygiene regulations
                  Develop personal kitchen organization and management skills
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                Prerequisite: None
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