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              We realize that you may have questions and we hope that the questions outlined below will help address your concerns. We understand that you would have additional inquiries or questions about your own case, and are available to anwser through inquiries: japanhub@cordonbleu.edu or daikanyama@cordonbleu.edu


              • What types of courses does Le Cordon Bleu Japan offer?

                Le Cordon Bleu Japan offers two types of programs:

                • Weekday programs, available for students residing in Japan or for international students. The Temporary Visitor Visa can be supported for students needing authorization to enter the Japanese territory. The weekday programs are available in Japanese, or in English or in Chinese. Students can choose to apply to the Classic Cycle program of Cuisine, Patisserie and Boulangerie in the language of their choice as long as they meet the application requirements. For information about the application requirements and how to apply, please check "How to Apply".
                • Week-end programs, for students who reside in Japan and have a sufficient level of Japanese. No visa can be sponsored through the application to these programs by Le Cordon Bleu. The classes are taught in Japanese, or with Japanese interpretation and a sufficient level of Japanese is required.
              • How long does it take to graduate?

                Le Cordon Bleu Japan offers a variety of programs, and it is possible to graduate within 3 months up to 3.5 years, depending on the program.
                The most recommended programs are the Weekday "intensive" programs, for Le Grand Diplome, the Cuisine, Patisserie or Boulangerie diploma, in English, Japanese or Chinese.
                These programs are available in the Tokyo Campus in English, or in Japanese or in Chinese.

                • Le Grand Diplome can be completed in 9 months.
                • The Bakery Diploma can be completed in 3 months. Each Certificate level that compose the diploma, will last 5~ 6 weeks.

                In the Kobe campus, the Patisserie Diploma can be completed in 3 months. Each Certificate level that compose the diploma, will last 1month.

                For students with Japanese nationality or permanent residency in Japan, and who are wishing to attend the classes that occur once per week ( class in Japanese only), in both Tokyo and Kobe campuses:

                • Le Grand Diplome can be completed between 2 and 3.5 years.
                • The Cuisine Diploma can be completed in 2 years. Each Certificate level that compose the diploma, will last 6 months.
                • The Patisserie Diploma can be completed in 1.5 years. Each Certificate level that compose the diploma, will last 6 months.
                • The Bakery Diploma can be completed in 1 year Each Certificate level that compose the diploma, will last 6 months.
              • Do I need to understand Japanese?

                There is no requirements to speak or understand Japanese for the weekday "intensive" classes, as they are also offered in Chinese and in English.

                The course material is provided in the desired language of communication: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese.
                The courses are either taught in English, in French or in Japanese, with interpreter into Chinese, English or Japanese, depending on the language spoken by the Master Chef.
                Interpreters are present in demonstration and practical classes.

                Le Cordon Bleu Japan is the most international culinary arts education institution in Japan and it provides the Diploma programs - Le Grand Diplome, the Diplome de Patisserie, the Diplome de Cuisine, and the Diplome de Boulangerie, in English, Japanese, or Chinese language in the Tokyo campus.
                It also offers Le Grand Diplome, the Diplome de Patisserie, Diplome de Cuisine and Diplome de Boulangerie in Japanese and in Chinese in the Kobe campus.
                If applicants are not native speakers, the requirement to apply to the diplome program in English or in Japanese is to have a sufficient level, corresponding to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3, and the IELT 5 / Toefl ibt 60 pts, TOEFL 580/900 or equivalent. Proof of studying in the language or taking an inteview is also considered as possible language validation. Applicants to the classes taught in Chinese language must be native speakers.

              • How much is the tuition?

                The Tuition Fees is composed of the below:

                • Application Fees, to pay at the moment of the application. Application Fees are non-refundable and compulsory.
                • For first- time applicants to a Classic Cycle program: Le Cordon Bleu kitchen uniform.
                • For first-time applicants to the Cuisine or the Patisserie Program: Le Cordon Bleu Tool Kit or knife set if the tool kit is not complete.
                • Tuition fees of the diploma, corresponding to the fees of all certificates that compose a Diploma.

                Details of the fees can be found on the Application Guidebook and on the webpage.

              • When can I start?

                In both Kobe and Tokyo Campuses classes start in Winter (January), Spring (April) , Summer (July) and Autumn (October).
                Any class occurring once/ week will start either in Spring or Autumn. There is no opening in Summer and Winter.
                In Kobe campus, the Patisserie Diploma in Chinese is available every term.
                In Tokyo campus:

                • Le Grand Diplome opens every term, in Chinese, English or Japanese.
                • the Patisserie Diploma, whether in Chinese, English or Japanese, is available every term.
                • the Cuisine Diploma opens twice a year. It opens in Winter and Summer terms in Chinese language, and in Spring and Autumn term, in either Japanese or in English.
                • the Boulangerie Diploma opens twice every year. It is available in either Chinese or in Japanese in Spring and Autumn term, and in English in Winter and Summer terms.
                • Certificates only apply in specific dates, please contact us at japanhub@cordonbleu.edu or daikanyama@cordonbleu.edu for details.
              • What are the requirements to apply?

                Application to a certificate or diploma program of Le Cordon Bleu Japan is liable to the below conditions:

                • Be 18 year old at the moment of the first day of class.
                • Possess a Senior High School Diploma or equivalent.
                • Have a sufficient level of the language in which classes will be taught:
                  - Japanese courses: Native or Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 Certificate.
                  - Chinese courses: Native.
                  - English courses: Native or minimum IELT 5.0pts, TOEFL ibt. Min 60 pts, TOEIC 580/900 pts, or equivalent.

                The language certificate is not compulsory, but the language ability should be proven through any certificate, or proof of use of the language fluently, or through an interview.

                Only application which are duly completed with all requested documents and payments will be considered by Le Cordon Bleu School and Admission.

                • Fully written-in Application Form with date and signature of the applicant (paper) or online application.
                • Signed and dated Agreement to the Terms & Conditions.
                • Copy or scan of the ID page of the applicant's passport.
                • 1 Passport-sized color ID picture.
                • Resume.
                • Letter Of Motivation / Statement of Motivation (300 ~500 words).
                • Payment of the Application fees - one application fees for one or several simultaneous diploma application, or one application fees for each separate certificate application.
                • Receipt or remit of payment of the Administration Fees for payment by bank transfer or full indication of the credit card information with date and signature for authorisation of the payment of the application fees.

                Upon confirmation of all requirement, you will be sent a Letter Of Offer (LOO) with the due date of payment of the remaining amount. A Confirmation Of Enrollement (COE) will be sent along with the School Rules and other information, upon the confirmation of any required payment.

              • Can I have more information about the course schedule?

                Weekday "intensive" classes, follow the below rhythm:

                • The Cuisine Diploma: 4~5 days of class every week, usually between Monday and Friday. A Day is most commonly composed of a Demonstration and a Practical class, of about 3 hours each.
                • The Patisserie Diploma: 5 days or class every week, usually, between Monday and Friday. A Day is most commonly composed of a Demonstration and a Practical class, of about 3 hours each.
                • The Boulangerie Diploma: 4~5 days every week, between Monday and Friday. The Bakery class occurs in the Atelier, and lasts 6 hours for one session.

                The Tokyo School has classes scheduled between 8:30 and 22:00, with 3-hours slots: Cuisine and Patisserie (8:30 ~ 11:30 / 12:00 ~ 15:00 / 15:30 ~ 18:30 / 19:00 ~ 22:00) and Boulangerie (8:30 ~ 14:30/ 15:30 ~ 21:30). The courses occuring within a day are consecutive.
                For instance, Cuisine and Patisserie students can have class from 8:30 to 15:00, from 12:00 to 18:30 or from 15:30 to 22:00.
                It is not possible to choose the schedule, which is defined by the school in regards to other considerations.

              • Do you have financing plans?

                It is possible to pay either by lump sum or by installments without any interest or additional fees. For further information based on your specific file, please contact us at japan-hub@cordonbleu.edu or daikanyama@cordonbleu.edu

              • I know nothing about cooking and baking, won't it be too difficult for me to attend?

                There is no requirement of possessing any experience before applying to a program of Le Cordon Bleu.
                We welcome students from all background, but everyone will start from the fundamental learnings and techniques of the culinary Arts.
                Some students may have some experience in Cuisine, Patisserie or Boulangerie, but all understand the value of starting from the bases and learning them through the rigor, precision and classical method of the French Culinary Arts. Professionals always revise their bases to improve. Amateur will have the best teaching from the beginning of their culinary journey.
                Students take notes and draft from the chef's explanation and teaching, and then must cook and bake by themselves and in full, what they have watched, learned and tasted in class.
                At the end and to graduate, every student will develop his own menu, being brought to this level by the teaching methodology focusing on active learning, practice and focus.
                Additionnally, the teaching method is set to teach students the technical and practical learning, from the traditional and classic methods to the latest innovations and trends, but also all the cultural richness of the French culinary arts roots, origins, that explain the names and reasons for techniques, as well as the customs and traditions of menus. Using the best sourced ingredients, locally or imported from France when they are unique for the specificities of a menu, our Master Chefs explain the nutritional aspects, the chemistry and technology of food, and incorporate the values of good ingredients to create the best menus, and the importance of the creativity through using all 5 senses.

              • Do you have a maximum age for application?

                The only requirement is to be at least 18-year old at the time of start of the school. We welcome students of any age and generation, altogether in class.

              • What have your alumni become?

                Our students come from various backgrounds and with a large panel of projects.
                Some students apply with the sole idea of cooking or baking for their family and friends to generate happiness and good souvenirs, write the family recipe book.
                Some students are passionated by Cuisine, Patisserie, Boulangerie or Gastronomy, and Le Cordon Bleu is the first step onto building the dream to become a professional and maybe a Chef, through hard work and gaining experience after graduation, in the best places.
                Some students are professionals in the F&B and Food-related business who wish to develop skills, better understanding of the field without directly working into it, get a network of contact through Le Cordon Bleu international alumni and professionals one.
                Some students are career changers who wish to develop a new business or change their whole professional and personal life.
                Our alumni have opened their own shops, restaurant and businesses, have taken over their family business and successfully brought it on the next stage, have become food photographer, food analyst, food writer, are working in Michelin-starred or renowned places in Japan or all around the world. You can discover their stories on the alumni testimonial section of the website.

              • Can I try a class before applying?

                Both Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo and Kobe campuses welcome prospective students to Open House days, for private appointments with a comprehensive explanation and visit of the campus. It is possible to enter in the Demonstration classes, Practical kitchen and the Boulangerie atelier and watch the classes as well as meet with the Chefs and exchange a few words.
                Le Cordon Bleu Japan is also organizing, at least once every term, events, such as the Pain Buffet, which is an event entirely organized by the Boulangerie Diploma students, and where attendants can taste the bread and dannish creations as well as talk with Master Chefs, students, Le Cordon Bleu school teams and interpreters, to get a direct testimonial.
                The Gourmet & Short Classes, such as the DEBUT and SABRINA, are also a door to get a first insightful experience of Le Cordon Bleu.

              • Where are students coming from?

                The Tokyo Campus is completely international, with students of more than 25 different nationalities, and attend any of the classes in English, Chinese or Japanese.
                From Japan, the United States of America, Canada or South Africa, France or the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and from all over South East and North Asia - China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Macao, Hong-Kong, students gather together at Le Cordon Bleu Japan around the common passion of the Culinary Arts and Gastronomy.

              • Can I apply for a visa?

                Le Cordon Bleu Japan does not support the application to Student or any long-term Visa. Le Cordon Bleu can support the application the Temporary Visitors Visa when the nationality of the applicants makes it compulsory to apply to visa to enter the japanese territory. Specific conditions apply at the moment of application. Le Cordon Bleu Japan does not guarantee the successful application of these types of visas. This decision is the sole discretion of the Japanese authorities. For further information, please contact us at japanhub@cordonbleu.edu

              • Do you have any support for accommodation?

                References for housing and accommodation can be given by Le Cordon Bleu Japan campus representatives. In some case, there are some special offer for Le Cordon Bleu students only.

              • I will visit Japan for tourism / business and would like to try a class?

                Both Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo and Kobe campuses offer a range of Gourmet and Short courses such as SABRINA in Cuisine, Boulangerie or Patisserie, TEA and COFFEE, CHEESE and WINE classes, that last from 2 hours to 1 day.
                These classes are offered in Japanese, English and Chinese. The schedule of these classes is opened quaterly. All information can be found on the Gourmet & Short Courses page on the website. Those who have some experience or a background in the industry can enjoy developping their skills with continuing education and professional development courses such as the SERIES PROFESSIONNELLES ( workshops, Master Classes or Ingredients Seminars).

              • Do you have Japanese Cuisine / Japanese Pastry classes?

                Le Cordon Bleu Japan is proud to be an ambassador for the promotion of the French and the Japanese gastronomy, as one of the bridge of a common tradition of excellence and expertise in Culinary Arts. We offer courses in Wagashi ( Japanese traditional pastry), around Japanese ingredients, study tours to discover Japanese Sake in a brewery followed by a Japanese gastronomy menu, among other. These programs are offered in collaboration with the best Japanese Masters in their expertise, and offered in English, Japanese and/ or Chinese. Please refer to the website for details on the programs and their dates.

              Contact Kobe, Japan

              The 45th 6F, 45 Harima-machi
              Chuo-Ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo
              650-0036, Japan
              View on Google Maps

              Contact Tokyo, Japan

              28-13 Sarugaku-Cho
              Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
              150-0033, Japan
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