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Tokyo School Special Guest Chef
Ingredient Series


Hikoyuki Yamaguchi, owner chef of “Kuya” renowned for its famous “Kuya monaka” presents a special Ingredient Series class
An - Bean Paste Specialist Knowledge for Wagashi

An is the most important ingredient in wagashi, and is made from ingredients including peas, red beans, and white beans. This class will delve deeply into the production process of the most typical type of an, made using red beans..

The class will be led by fifth generation chef-owner of a 130 year-old wagashi shop, “Kuya”. The chef will demonstrate how to make an, share its secrets, and explain its various tastes and textures. Through tastings and observing the changes that occur in the ingredients during the production process, students will come to fully understand an.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to gain an insider’s insight into an, the most fundamental ingredient of Japanese wagashi.


Hikoyuki Yamaguchi, one of the youngest leaders in the world of wagashi, is from KUYA, a famous wagashi shop founded in 1884. Spanning five generations and 130 years, KUYA has become one of the most popular wagashi shops in Japan. “Kuya Monaka”, is one of the famous products at this Ginza shop, and is renowned for often being sold out within a few hours of its creation.

After graduation from Keio University, Hikoyuki entered a major food company and then joined KUYA in 2006 where he gained intensive training in “An” manufacturing. In 2011 he founded his own wagashi brand “SORAIRO” as an extension of KUYA, and continues to strive to produce the highest grade of traditional wagashi.


Tokyo 8/2 Sunday 

  • 14:30-17:00(Japanese/English)

Tokyo 8/24 Monday 

  • 16:00-18:30(Japanese/Chinese)

Price: 7,000yen

Apply here