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Le Cordon Bleu Cheese Programs

 Intermediate Course

In this course, students will learn about the historical and cultural aspects of traditional cheeses of the world, in a systematic manner through lectures and practical application. Students will also be able to enjoy a preparing a classical cheese dish guided by a Le Cordon Bleu chef. Each lecture class will include tastings of 6 cheeses and 2 wines


Who is it aimed at:

    • This class is for students who already have a basic level of cheese knowledge.


Course content:

    • Session 1 : Cheese production
      introduction to the key mechanisms in the conversion of milk to cheese during the production process. (Includes mozzarella cheese making demonstration )
    • Session 2 :
      A structural approach to cheese analysis and tasting.
    • Session 3 : The birth of cheese and its history
      the origins of cheese and its evolution to the present day.
    • Session 4 : Cheese of France
      regional study of varieties of French cheese including cultural and climatic influences. Gain an understanding of the concept of “terroir” .
    • Session 5 : Cheese of Italy
      Regional study of Italian Cheese covering cultural and climatic influences .
    • Session 6 : Cheese of Europe
      learn about other cheese producing countries of England, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, their climates and their cheese. This class also introduces the historical and ethnic influences in each country and presents the role of cheese in their dietary habits .
    • Session 7 : Cheese Cooking Practical Class
      understand cheese and its cooking characteristics. Enjoy preparing a classic cheese dish with a Le Cordon Bleu chef.
    • Session 8 : Exam/Techniques of preparing a cheese plate
      you will be introduced to techniques and know how to prepare, serve and enjoy cheese.

※Class is available only Japanese.


Entry Requirements:

    Cheese Kentei qualification acquire
  • of this class alcohol As a part will be served. Those participants consuming alcohol must be aged 20 years or above
    Excellent Japanese listening, reading, writing skills


How to gain the certificate:
Le Cordon Bleu Certificate will be issued to those students who

  • Successfully pass an exam
  • Attend a minimum of 7 of the 8 classes

How to Apply