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le cordon bleu pastry intermediate
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Pastry - Intermediate Course(20 Lessons)
Intermediate Pastry course is based on practice and repetition.

Learn comprehensive traditional to modern pastry.

As you begin to master important techniques, such as making a sponge cake or Bavarian Cream, your proficiency will allow you to focus on the decoration and presentation of your cakes. You will also be introduced to the basic concepts of making show pieces such as chocolate piping and casting, using caramel and nougatine, and preparing restaurant style desserts. Under the guidance of our chefs, students are able to develop artistic skills necessary to prepare and decorate a variety of French desserts and pastries.
Prerequisite: Basic Pâtisserie


Intermediate Study Module

The aim of this program is to provide an introduction to French Pastry

  • Savoury petits fours
  • Introduction to breadbaking
  • Mastering bavarian creams & mousses
  • Caramel & nougatine
  • Introduction to chocolate : hand tempering & dipping


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