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Masterclass:Kurata Hirokazu

Owner of Daisy, pastry shop and bakery. Currently running Daisy in 5 locations in Kawaguchi and one in Warabi. Awards Japan Dairy Industry Association sponsored 4th Butter and Cream Bread and Pastry Contest Bread Category Recipient of the Ministry of Agriculture Award, Japanese representative in IBA (International Bakers and Confectioners) CUP 2006 held in Munich, Germany, placing 3rd overall. Recipient; representative for Japanese team at 2012 City Bread Championship held in Taipei, placed 3rd overall.

Theme : "The Overnight Technique" which is improvable the bakers business as a new technology

The only material that we will provide is an ingredient list.You will be taking notes while watching the chef’s demonstration, and remaking the menu in the practical kitchen.
After the whole session, you will taste the chef’s product and enjoy discussion with chef. You can take home your finished products.

Date】 March 11(Fri) 10:00-17:00 (Japanese/English)

Fee】 ¥28,000 (Ingredients, tax included)
Venue】 Tokyo school

* We only accept credit cards payments
* For non-native English/Japanese speakers, we recommend at least basic English/Japanese comprehension skills.
* Please be aware, any disturbances during class to the chef, LCB staff, or other students will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal.
* Furthermore, there will be no refunds provided in the event of absence and/or late arrival. Please note that class date cannot be changed. For further details, please refer to class terms & conditions.
* Please be reminded that this class may be cancelled if the number of the participants does not reach the required number.

Guidelines on the day of your class Please confirm these items before class begins
 ・ Please register at the reception 10 minutes before class. We do not accept registration after class begins.
 ・ Please wear school / kitchen uniform and shoes to attend this class.
   If you do not have a uniform, please wear appropriate clothing (long selves top and long pants), shoes (closed-toe) for the practical class.
   The followings are not permitted in the practical kitchen: Skirts, short pants, boots, high heels, sandals and clothing items that are not suitable for practical class. You will not be able to participate in the practical class if you wear any items from the preceding list.
 ・Things to bring: Materials for note taking, camera (no video and voice recording), a bag for carrying your finished product. We will provide a container for your finished product.

We might open additional classes if the current classes are full. If you wish to attend a class that is already full, please contact us at 0120-454840 (toll-free dial).


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