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              The 12-hour introduction to spirits of the world is designed for both food & beverage enthusiasts and culinary professionals looking to improve their beverage knowledge and acquire the keys to appreciate spirits.

              The course is structured in two consecutive Saturdays, each one focusing on one category of spirit. For each category, raw material, processing, fermentation, distillation and post-distillation operations will be covered in some details. The tasting sessions will enable participants to sharpen their senses of taste and smell and develop a discourse on a wide variety of spirits made from grape, grain and plants as well as liqueurs.


              • Grape & Pomace Brandies:
                Pisco, Grappa, Brandy, Armagnac and Cognac
              • Fruit Spirits and Grain-based Spirits (Part 1):
                Calvados, Poire William, Kirsch, Traditional and Modern Vodkas
              • Grain-based Spirits (Part 2):
                Scotch, Irish, Asian & North American Whiskies
              • Plant-based Spirits:
                Cachaça, Caribbean Rums, Tequila and Mezcal
              • Flavored Spirits and Liqueurs:
                Gins, Aniseed and other flavored spirits & Liqueurs

              Useful Note

              Total Hours: 12 hours
              Duration: 2 Days
              Date: Saturday 2 & Saturday 9 September 2017
              Hour per day: 6 hours, 09:00 hrs. - 16:00 hrs.
              Language Conducted: English
              No. of Participants: 12
              Course Fee: THB 12,000
              Entry Requirement: 20 years old or above

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