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How To Apply Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai

Download the file and fill in the information for application through Internet

Apply Procedure

Two ways to apply for Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai course:

 a. Online application: (please click on the link below)
b.  Download application: (please click on the link and follow the steps below)
  1. Fill in the Application Form

    Only completed and legible applications will be pre-sented to the admissions jury Le Cordon Bleu under-takes to ensure that all applications are assessed in an ethical and responsible manner. Any question, please contact us.

  2. Application Documents

    All relevant documents you need to supply listed in application form ,including

    Essential Documents:

      • Personal Signature Application Form
      • Passport/ID photocopy
      • Attach photocopy of High School certificate/diploma or equivalent, other high education diploma or degree and official transcript 

    Other Documents:

      • Attach letter of motivation (no more than 500 words) detailing your short and long term culinary goals, career objectives, and reasons for choosing Le Cordon Bleu
      • High education diploma or degree and official transcript 
      • Attach CV (résumé including background, education, and special interests)
  3. Submit your completed application form

    You can email your application materials to shanghai@cordonbleu.edu,or mail to Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai Campus (Address:No. 1548, South Pudong Road, Shanghai, China 200122)

  4. Application Feedback

    Offers of course placements will be based on the assessment of the admissions jury having considered the extent to which the qualifications, proficiencies, and aspirations of the applicant are matched by the courses offered by Le Cordon Bleu.