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Le Cordon Bleu’s highly acclaimed Diplôme de Cuisine offers the most rigorous and comprehensive programme in classic French culinary techniques available today. Students who successfully complete our Cuisine qualifications will learn all of the professional techniques required to progress with a range of exciting career opportunities. The Diplôme de Cuisine is comprised of three certificates that we call Basic, Intermediate and Superior Cuisine.

2023 Intakes: February, April, June & October.

Key Information

Duration: 9 months
Total Fees ¥180,800: Tuition Fee¥165,000, Uniforms and tools Fee¥15,800
Age:  At least 18 years of age
Entry requirements: Senior high school diploma or equivalent to 11th grade student, fluent in Chinese
Class Language: The classes are taught in French or English, with spontaneous Chinese interpreter.

Course Details

  • Course Structure
    Stage One:Basic Cuisine(3 months)

    Basic Cuisine opens the door to the adventures of classic cuisine. From day one, students begin to master the basic skills: how to hold a knife properly, peel vegetables and how to use and integrate condiments, herbs and spices which complement the dishes prepared. As a solid grounding in basic cuisine, this programme is for beginners and experienced students alike.

    Core Units
    • Traditional French Cuisine Skills
    • Cuisine Kitchen Operations 1
    • Food Safety and hygiene in Catering
    Core Objectives
    • Demonstrate fundamental basic cuisine preparations and cooking techniques including:
      1. knife skills
      2. basic classical vegetable cuts
      3. fish filleting skills
      4. elementary sauces and emulsions
      5. basic stocks and derivatives
      6. elementary sauces and emulsions
      7. basic doughs e.g. pasta and puff pastry
      8. introduction to plating presentation
      9. basic plated desserts for restaurants
      10. elementary methods of cooking e.g. braising, pan-frying, boiling, deep-frying, roasting, and steaming
    • Identify French culinary terms
    • Follow health, safety and hygiene regulations
    • Identify wine & alcoholic beverages
    • Obtain basic cheese knowledge
    • Develop personal kitchen organization and management skills
    Stage Two:Intermediate Cuisine(3 months)
    Prerequisite: Basic Cuisine

    The Intermediate Cuisine proramme introduces students to classic French regional dishes and European cuisine techniques, through which they will apply the techniques introduced during the basic level programme. Through practice, students will begin to perform tasks instinctively and with greater ease. Intermediate Cuisine emphasizes the importance of mise en place.

    Core Units
    • Traditional French Cuisine Skills
    • Cuisine Kitchen Operations 2
    • Food Safety and hygiene in Catering
    Core Objectives
    • Implement all the basic techniques learned and apply them to fundamental European regional cuisine and culinary techniques including:
      1. developing specific knife skills
      2. preparing live shellfish
      3. methods of preserving
      4. developing butchery skills and fish filleting
      5. participating in canapé team production
      6. compile classic and modern plating presentations
      7. sweet and savory hot soufflé
      8. developing soy sauce knowledge
      9. practicing cooking methods
    • Follow health, safety and hygiene regulations
    • Experience food and wine pairing
    • Study cheese production knowledge
    • Extrapolate personal kitchen organization and management skills
    Stage Three:Superior Cuisine(3 months)
    Prerequisite: Intermediate Cuisine

    During the Superior Cuisine programme, which concludes our Diplôme de Cuisine, students will focus on advanced preparation and cooking techniques, whilst being encouraged to develop their own creative ideas and apply their kitchen operation knowledge. Alongside mastering intricate techniques students at this level will also individually gain group leadership skills that will prepare them for an industry environment. Working as a team, students will plan and host a dinner event where together they will produce items of high-quality appearance and taste.

    Core Units
    • Organization and preparation of projects
    • An integrated and comfortable restaurant
    • Menu adjustment
    • Global cuisine skills
    • Cuisine Kitchen Operation 3
    • Food Safety and hygiene in Catering
    Core Objectives
    • Demonstrate a wide range of fundamental classical and contemporary cuisine techniques including:
      1. extending cooking techniques
      2. advanced butchery skills
      3. specific preparation and cooking skills for vegetables and garnishes
      4. elaborating world flavors and texture techniques
      5. expressing personal cultural choices with ingredients and flavors
      6. cooking to order
      7. seasonal and market influences on cuisine
    • Meet health, safety and hygiene regulations
    • Analyse sweet wine and dessert pairing
    • Discover cheese beyond taste
    • Establish personal kitchen organization and management skills
  • Teaching Method

    Chef Demonstration, Practical Class, Theory Class

  • What Qualification will I gain?

    Diplôme de Cuisine

  • Assessment

    Your competency will be assessed through practical and theory examinations

  • Campus Location

    Building 1 No. 1458, South Pudong Road Shanghai China

  • Career Paths

    Head Chefs, Business Owners, Brand Owners, Food Writers/Journalists/Lecturers etc.

  • Term Dates & Apply

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    Apr 1, 2024 - Dec 20, 2024 ( Standard , in French , Chinese )
    Jul 1, 2024 - Mar 21, 2025 ( Standard , in French , Chinese )
    Oct 9, 2024 - Jun 20, 2025 ( Standard , in French , Chinese )