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              Our Master Chefs and Lectures

              The Master Chefs, lecturers are integral to the success of hundreds of students who graduate each year. Each Master Chef is classically trained and has been recruited from the best hotels and Michelin-starred kitchens around the world, as well as being a qualified teacher.

              Exclusive Guest Chef Demonstrations and Culinary Conferences

              To enrich the learning at Le Cordon Bleu, we regularly host fascinating culinary conferences with key players in the food industry and invite esteemed experts to demonstrate some of their dishes exclusively at the school. Having previously welcomed leading chefs including Weimar Gomez, Executive Chef at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Pudong, to demonstrate Spring Menu; Raphael Prioul, production manager from La Parisienne. Roland Bartelmi to host the Cheese Class, and Victor Perez to demonstrate the classic Spanish cuisine. Students are able to learn from those experts from communication face to face.

              Student Assistants

              As part of their studies, students will be offered the opportunity to assist one of our Master Chefs during a demonstration. This experience will enable them to see behind the scenes and gain a little more insight into the life of a professional chef.

              Culinary Visit

              In the middle of each term, we will organize students to participate in market research activities, arrange students to visit five star hotels, Michelin starred restaurants or organic farm, to understand the industry dynamics, experience the importance of "high-quality" delicacy for the industry.

              Gourmet Tour

              As a Le Cordon Bleu student, you can apply for a visit and study in almost all the campuses of the education group distributed all over the world. The Gourmet Tour provides golden opportunity for students who want to expand visions and see more of Le Cordon Bleu and understand the development of Le Cordon Bleu in various cultural background.

              After Class

              The student lounge is located on the second floor of the school. Students can read lots of books on cooking, hotels, gourmet and management. Books will be regularly updated to reflect the changing needs of the industry. The lounge is also equipped with refrigerators and microwave ovens for students. It will become the perfect place for students to break and relax.