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              Tokyo 2020 & Le Cordon Bleu Japan

              120th Anniversary

              Tokyo 2020 & Le Cordon Bleu JapanPhoto: Cabinet Public Relations Office

              As Tokyo is gearing up to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, Le Cordon Bleu Japan is also preparing to play its part in the games. It may be difficult to fathom what a French culinary education institution has to do with the greatest sporting event in the word, but this is not the first time Le Cordon Bleu has contributed to the Olympics. Le Cordon Bleu took part in the 2000 Summer games in Sydney, and will also be involved in the games next year in Rio de Janeiro.

              A Leader in Hospitality Training

              Le Cordon Bleu Japan's role in the 2020 Summer Olympics will be similar how it has contributed in the past. As a global leader in gastronomy, hospitality, and culinary education, and with a network of over 300,000 capable alumni, Le Cordon Bleu International is recognised as an institution capable of training international-standard hospitality staff.

              The Olympics are an international event on a scale unlike any other, and the global crowd it draws expects a high standard of service. For the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Le Cordon Bleu Japan will cooperate with the Japanese government and industry parties to create a high-level international hospitality workforce. Its well-trained multilingual alumni will become an invaluable asset as they act as ambassadors for Japanese hospitality and cuisine.

              Building a Legacy

              For Le Cordon Bleu Japan, the privilege to train individuals who ultimately represent the host city and country is a testament to the institution's long history of success. It is also an opportunity for Le Cordon Bleu to prove that it can consistently produce top-level industry members and demonstrate the institution's commitment to excellence.

              Le Cordon Bleu Japan's efforts toward elevating hospitality in Japan extends past the Olympics in 2020. The school is working to develop higher-learning Culinary and Hospitality Management programs in partnership with Japanese universities. This will enable Le Cordon Bleu Japan to apply its expertise over the long-term and nurture the next generation of hospitality professionals well-equipped for international scale events like the Olympic games.




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