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How a Niche Pastry Shop Baked the Recipe for Supersweet Success

Supersweet PastryIf you could imagine a delectable treat baked by angels from heaven, what would it look like? With one scroll of the Supersweet Pastry Instagram, you’ll think all of your pastry dreams have come true.

The “angels” behind Supersweet Pastry are Le Cordon Bleu Sydney Alumni, Kida and Chris. First opening in November 2020, their unique pastry shop offers Canberra an ever-changing variety of fresh danishes, croissants cakes, coffee and other sweet treats.

From humble beginnings of baking cakes for her family at home, Kida realised she had a talent for patisserie at a young age. “The first cake I baked was for my mum’s birthday. Everyone loved it, but it wasn’t a ‘real’ cake” she laughed. “It didn’t rise to a sponge and was more like a pancake”. Kida’s passion quickly grew for trying out new and challenging recipes – which consistently turned out successful, even after one attempt. Chris was always interested in both cooking and pastry and chose to pursue his interest in patisserie to learn something exciting and different, since he has always been passionate about cooking at home.

Supersweet Pastry

Both originally from China, Kida and Chris met whilst studying their Diplôme de Pâtisserie in Sydney and graduated together before opening Supersweet Pastry. The vision for the name of their pastry shop came about during class one day as Chris and Kida explained: “Our name has two meanings – Our pastry is ‘Supersweet’ (meaning it’s pretty good) and we are ‘Supersweet’ to our customers.”

The inspiration behind their delectable pastry creations come from travelling different countries and developing innovative desserts to be a little healthier than their traditional recipes. “Our specialty is the Mille Crepe Cake and the assorted fruit danishes are very popular. Our fruit danish has a layer of custard with fresh crème and the fruit is not only on top, but inside as well. You can taste the fruit with every bite” Kida explains. “One of the most important things is the quality of our food and use of fresh ingredients. Everything is baked fresh, everyday."

You can taste the fruit with every bite

With many food businesses suffering during COVID-19, it is inspirational that Kida and Chris did not let this affect the dream to open their first business. Chris offered some advice for those aspiring to follow their dreams in patisserie: “If someone just like us wanted to open their first business, I think the most important thing is to evaluate the risk first and get to know your target customer.” Kida added, “opening a pastry shop means you’re not just making things at the back, you’re also focused on the front. We realised that the front, the customer service and the relationship between the customer is just as important as the product.

One visit to Supersweet Pastry and you’ll see there’s nothing ‘flaky’ about this niche pastry shop!
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