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The 5 strong points of the Wine and Management programme

The 5 strong points of the Wine and Management DiplomaOver the past 10 years, the goal of the Wine and Management programme has been to turn a passion for the world of wine into a profession. It trains future entrepreneurs, sommeliers, consultants and oenology tourism specialists for working in the wine industry. Students spend 10 months learning vital techniques, discipline and skills, whilst also building a network for embarking on a career in the wine sector, thanks to intensive theory and practical training. Its unique goal: training a professional to be fully operational in the business world upon completion of the programme. Spotlight on the 5 strong points.


A multi-disciplinary diploma. It is aimed at both keen amateurs and connoisseurs who are looking to gain in-depth knowledge of the wine sector. The programme is extremely comprehensive and students develop their vine-growing and wine-producing knowledge, such as oenology, tasting techniques and develop their management skills thanks to modules in entrepreneurship, finance and marketing. Themed culinary demonstrations by Le Cordon Bleu Chefs and Chef Sommelier Instructors provide students with the opportunity to discover sommellerie with food and wine pairing.


Professionalising. During the 10-month programme, numerous wine, tourism and hospitality professionals share their tasting techniques and their expertise which are essential for working in the wine sector. Students meet sommeliers from top restaurants, specialised journalists, viticultural agency managers and sales managers.


A dual diploma. This training programme awards a dual diploma: “Wine and Management” from Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute and “Wine Culture Heritage and Tourism” from the prestigious University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA). A dual training programme recognised by professionals in the hospitality, restaurant and tourism industries and by higher education institutes.


Practical experience: during the academic year, 1200 to 1500 wines are tasted during classroom tastings, trips, internships, conferences and professional encounters. This provides the opportunity to develop your palate thanks to a wide array of aromas and flavours.


Educational trips and internships: students put their knowledge into practice during 3 internships. The first is carried out during grape harvest in France and the other two in a wine industry business. 4 educational trips also provide the opportunity to discover the diversity of viticultural regions such as Champagne, Burgundy and Bordeaux.

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