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Photo Gallery - Short Courses - Term 4 2020

In the last months of 2020, we had some short courses in our institute. And all of them were carried out respecting all the standards of distance.

We had courses of Macaron, Dessert, Cuisine du Marché, Éclairs, L'atelier du Pain and many other courses.

The chefs of the Institute taught the classic techniques of gastronomy bringing also everything that is most modern for each area.

The chefs responsible for the courses were: Caio Correia, Renata Braune, Alain Uzan, Juliete Soulé, Vinicius Fernandes and Flavio Santoro.

Below you can see our photo gallery with everything that happened. And if you were one of the former students of these courses, see if your photo is on our portal. If she is not, contact us at e-maiil saopaulo@cordonbleu.edu.

And stay tuned! From January 2021, our Institute will start new classes of Intensive Courses.

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