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Spotlight on the Wine and Management Programme

Wine and Management


Franck Ramage, Head of Wine Department, talks about the Wine and Management programme.

Who is the Wine and Management Programme aimed at?

The Wine and Management Programme is aimed at those who want to understand the numerous facets of the wine industry. Curious, motivated and passionate about the world of gastronomy in general, we use more than 20 years experience in the wine industry to transmit knowledge, skills and professional networks to all those who want to work in the wine sector: From sommelier to specialist journalist, importer, buyer or wine event organizer, we put the tools at your disposal to make your dream become a reality!

What are the strong points of the Programme?

There are many strong points with a total of 10 month of training. Throughout the year, numerous professionals teach their specific area of expertise such as enology, knowledge of vineyards, wine technology, management, communication and marketing. Three internships, four vineyard visits also take place each year, several food and wine pairing dinners as well as external events and tasting more than 800 wines.

What key knowledge will students gain?

Students will gain in-depth knowledge of vineyards, terroirs and French wine-growers. They will learn how to express themselves and to critique a glass of wine both orally and written. They will also demonstrate their passion and technical skills by adapting to their public, to explain and to create food and wine pairings, to select a range in line with the market, to be a sommelier and to organize events in the wine world (conferences, tastings, exhibitions) etc.

What career opportunities are available following the Programme and can you tell us what former students are doing now?

There are numerous opportunities and the range of positions is extremely varied, such as Sommelier (Katarina Lecoque in the Seychelles), wine-makers sales representative (Béatrice Girod in Paris), sales manager Brazil (Ana-Carolina Dani at Caves Legrand Filles et Fils in Paris), importer (John Wang in China), enology tour operator (Polina Popova between Russia and France), wine and spirits buyer (Charlotte Tyrel de Poix at France Boissons in Paris), wine store owner (Stéphane Lecenes with the opening of a wine store to the north of Paris), brand creation (Amanda Thomson, Skinny Champagne in Great-Britain) etc.

Thank you, Mr Franck Ramage, for giving us this interview.
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