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              Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Holiday Masterclass in Pâtisserie

              Pastry Chef instructor nicolas jordan mof

              Le Cordon Bleu demonstration theatre

              Pastry instructor, Chef Nicolas Jordan, MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) demonstrated a holiday masterclass last night to over 70 guests at our Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa campus. During the demonstration, he covered a whole range of sugar and chocolate techniques, with no steps simplified as he carefully created a Sphere de Noël and Sapin de Noël for the holiday season.

              The Sphere de Noël consisted of a white chocolate crème legere and green tea cremeux filling that was carefully coated in a glossy red glaze. As decoration, a frosted white marshmallow ribbon was elegantly wrapped around the sphere, plus a delicate pulled-sugar hook for the final touch. 

              Le Cordon Bleu Masterclass Pastry
              The Sapin de Noël consisted of a moelleux noisette with toasted hazelnut for the base, inside the cone mold was a coulis mango puree and passion fruit filling, coated with a dark chocolate Bavaroise and velvet milk chocolate, for a lightly textured appearance. As decoration, three carefully sculpted green chocolate rings were placed on the Sapin, plus a crispy pink and golden chocolate pearl as the tree topper.  Chef Nicolas dexterity as a pastry instructor producing daring creations, truly makes him a master of his craft.
              Don’t go into pastry to make cakes, but to work as an artist. To be a good pastry Chef, it is essential to have a very creative streak. It is also important to enjoy working with ingredients, as they are the basis of all creations. It is only natural that a pastry Chef who loves his work will produce beautiful creations.

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