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uOttawa is hosting an Open House event on March 20, 2021 so you can get a full picture of everything uOttawa and Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa has to offer for the Bachelor of Integrated Food Sciences.




Saturday, March 20, 2021

11.30 am - 12.20 pm
(in English)
12.00 pm - 12.50 pm
(en Français)
(Ottawa time)

Live campus tours
No live presentations

The Bachelor of Integrated Food Sciences is the first of its kind in Canada. It is an innovative multidisciplinary programme delivered jointly by uOttawa and Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa. The programme will prepare future graduates to lead in any industry where food plays a key role, including healthcare, education, hospitality, business, or research and development. Graduates of this programme will have a broad, comprehensive understanding of food-related practices and will be equipped to provide strategic leadership and operational guidance in commercial settings.

•      Multidisciplinary education with an emphasis on innovation and creativity

•      Runs nine consecutive semesters

•      Courses delivered at uOttawa and Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa

•      Culinary techniques taught in small groups by master chef lecturers

•      Graduates will be able to plan, manage and implement production of nutritious and appetizing foods in a variety of food service settings to meet clients' health requirements

ACADEMIC YEAR: 2021 - 2022

DURATION: Three-year full-time programme (nine consecutive terms)

LANGUAGE: First English cohort to start in September 2021. French cohort to start in September 2023

Take advantage of March 20th Open House to find out more about this unique Bachelor programme. Whether or not you live in Canada, this open house event will give you an understanding of what it is like to be a student in Ottawa and how to apply!