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Uagliò: The Neapolitan Pizza in the Heart of Turin You Wish You Had Everywhere in the World

by Camilla Colavolpe

Uagliò: The Neapolitan Pizza in the Heart of Turin You Wish You Had Everywhere in the WorldBecause you can spend days discovering new tastes and exploring new formats, Turin’s food scene is never boring.

But there is one place where you keep going over and over because of its specials and millennial feel: Uagliò pizza in the young and multicultural San Salvario area. Outside, it seems like a charming French bodega, but inside, when you give a bite to that soft pizza of theirs, oh boy! You feel like you’re in Naples, eating mammà’s inviting delicacies handed down for generations together with a cool posse of youngsters.

Welcome to Uagliò: an extravagant pizza napoletana place, wherein just one year it has made even the most jaded Italians get over their pizza fatigue by sharing a new way of tasting the most famous Italian dish in the world. Due to its unrivaled popularity and its lusciously soft, round, and thin texture with high and porous edges, THE pizza napoletana speaks for itself.

But what is unique about it is a specific variety offered here: the pizza a portafoglio (i.e.: wallet pizza), a street food favorite. It is a little bit smaller than the traditional one because it needs to be folded in four and it is supposed to be eaten on the go. But, trust me on this slice of advice here: once you grab your pizza a portafoglio don’t rush and bite it. It’s hard-boiled! If you wish to eat on-the-spot, tho, please take a seat: whether you wish to eat inside or outside in their signature blu-painted terrace, be ready to taste your pizza while enjoying the cooking show and listening to contemporary Napolitean songs. (Never heard of Liberato? You should!).

Uagliò: The Neapolitan Pizza in the Heart of Turin You Wish You Had Everywhere in the World

Carla Ferrari and Genny Generoso are the two minds (and hearts) beyond (and inside) Uagliò. They met a couple of years ago and they fell in love with each other first, and with the challenge of creating something new on the foodie scene after. If you look at them, you find the perfect match: she’s a French gastronome with expertise in the Michelin-stars restaurants, while he’s a Neapolitan businessman. She’s an up-and-coming food entrepreneur who manages a team of 5 pizzaiolo with firmness and creativity, while he gives a new meaning to Southern hospitality while designing future business expansions. A perfect recipe for pizza, entrepreneurship, and love!

But why are their pizzas so special? One question, three answers.

First, it’s a matter of ingredients: from local “La Granda” quality meat to mozzarella di bufala campana DOP and beyond, every single pizza offers unique pairings between award-winning delicacies from all over Italy. It’s like a matrimonio perfetto in every pizza.

Second, their secret recipes: excellent ingredients without knowledge of the sacred art of pizza napoletana and of pairing are not enough. That’s why I’d love to introduce to you Mamm’e Pompei, made with Genny’s mother's secret ragù recipe, served with fresh ricotta and just-picked basil leaves on top.

Third, Uagliò never stays the same. Its monthly specials are kind of a legend, and they are waited warmly by their aficionados. Especially this point takes pride in giving seasonality a whole new taste, like Furnacella, where sautéed artichokes are perfectly enhanced by milk cream, pepper pancetta, bufala ricotta cheese, lemon zest, and fresh mint.

Uagliò: The Neapolitan Pizza in the Heart of Turin You Wish You Had Everywhere in the World

But don’t bother looking at it on its website: by the time you’re reading this Uagliò will surely have something new to offer! Trying Uagliò pizza is dangerous, because once you’ve tried it – whether in its classic than portafoglio bite, going back to “normal” may feel a little bit difficult. Or worst: boring.

Visit Uaglio now.

About the author: Camilla Colavolpe is an Umbria-based Digital Strategist with rolling food & beverage projects all over Italy, and is looking forward to expanding abroad. Learning and discovering new people, entrepreneurial activities, and ideas through the food & beverage lens is Camilla’s favourite sport!

This article is the work of Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning 10-Week Food Writing for Publication course participant Camilla Colavolpe. Le Cordon Bleu is not responsible for the content. The opinion and views are those of the author.

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