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Food Photography Success:

Former Students & Online Learning Instructor Win International Photography Awards

Food Photography Success: Former Students & Online Learning Lecturer Win International Photography AwardsFrom left to right: Award-winning images by Irina Sitnikoff, Nelly le Comte and Bozena Garbinska.

Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning are pleased to announce that the former students from our Food Photography course, Irina Sitnikoff and Bozena Garbinska, alongside our Food Photography course instructor Nelly le Comte, have all been chosen as winners in Foodelia’s International Food Photography awards.

Foodelia is an international website showcasing the best food photography from over 50 countries across the world. With highly qualified, professional photographers competing for first place in Foodelia’s rating list, the monthly contest is truly a feast for the eyes featuring collections of the world’s best food images.

“The [Foodelia] selection is always a great inspiration for both up and coming photographers as seasoned professionals. It shows what is trending in food photography, which is crucial for us photographers to be inspired and helps us create stunning food photography” says instructor and professional photographer, Nelly le Comte.

Former students of Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning’s Food Photography course, Irina and Bozena, were announced as winners of Foodelia’s 75th Collection for their spectacular food photography submissions.

Irina Sitnikoff’s winning photograph featured her own recipe, a Chocolate Cupcake with Hazelnuts and Cinnamon Cream Cheese.

Winning Photography by Irina Sitnikoff

“I have always been mesmerized by dark food photography which creates magic and mysterious atmosphere… This photo was shot in August and represents the last breath of summer, a sweet season of figs & berries” said Irina. View Irina’s Foodelia profile here.

Bozena Garbinska’s food photography also captured a sweet baking masterpiece, with colours drawing the eye in to a comforting cake.

Award-winning Photography by Bozena Garbinska

“The hero of the photo is the gluten-free cake with mascarpone frosting and caramelized figs. I wanted to show the mood of the afternoon light” said Bozena. View Bozena’s Foodelia profile here.

Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning Food Photography instructor, Nelly le Comte, is no stranger to winning awards for her stunning food photography. Having won 20 awards from Foodelia and achieving a well-deserved place in the Top 3 Foodelia photographers in Australia, two of Nelly’s images were chosen for awards in this collection. View Nelly’s Foodelia profile here.

Both featuring beverages, Nelly’s first image of an Affogato was photographed in studio for @windingroaddistillingco and invokes a sense of indulgence and deep flavours. The beverage was made with 50-mile coffee liqueur, coastal cane pure single rum and combined with espresso coffee and vanilla ice-cream. As Nelly worked with mixing hot and cold ingredients together, it called for her to be fast in taking the image and draw upon her years of experience and skills.

Nelly’s other winning image captures a tropical breeze of vibrant colours to draw out the bright flavours of a spiced cocktail. Taken in a studio with softbox and spotlight to create soft shadows, the blood orange, turmeric and cardamon cocktail created with botanical shrubs was photographed for @pyewacketstraditional.

Award-winning photography by Nelly le Comte

“My two award-winning images show good use of light and composition and play with graphic lines and colour blocks to add dynamic to the drinks. Inspiration comes from staying focused on trends and implementing these in my food photography to allow my clients to have visuals that stand out" says Nelly.

With over 36 years behind a camera, Nelly was thrilled to see her former Food Photography students being recognised in the industry after completing course and finding success.

“I am so proud of my students to win awards in this highly professional competition” Nelly says. “As a Food Photography teacher with Le Cordon Bleu, there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing my students, who I guide through their struggle with light and composition, move on to take award-winning images once the course is finished.”

For those interested in further developing their food photography skills to a professional level, Nelly’s advice is; “…to understand light and composition, understand the technique and learn how to be ahead of trends to be the best food photographer. Many food photographers can take some lovely pics but never grow due to their lack of a basic understanding of food photography. A solid food photography course like I teach at Le Cordon Blue, Food Photography, will take any food photographer to the next level due to the intense course with a personal touch and one-on-one feedback of assignments. That is what helps aspiring food photographers win awards.”


Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning wishes to congratulate Irina, Bozena and Nelly for their awards and are looking forward to celebrating what the future brings for all those connected to Le Cordon Bleu.

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