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Ofner and Le Cordon Bleu join forces in an unprecedented partnership

Known for their tradition of excellence, Ofner and Le Cordon Bleu have signed a long-term contract for the development, co-branding, and implementation of new products in Ofner stores.

The renowned French school and the traditional confectionery brand have collaborated on a collection of sweets and panettones, among other pastry products.

Ofner, a renowned pastry, savory, chocolate, and gelato chain based in São Paulo, with over seventy years of history, has entered into a groundbreaking partnership with the Le Cordon Bleu institute, known since 1895 as the guardian of French culinary techniques and a global reference in gastronomy and hospitality education. The project marks the meeting of these two distinguished family brands, which have developed a range of new products, leveraging their long-standing traditions of excellence. This collaboration aims to elevate the pastry experience for both brands.

The launch of this partnership took place in September at the Ofner store in Jardins, with the esteemed presence of Mr. André Cointreau, Worldwide President and CEO of Le Cordon Bleu, Patrick Martin, International Ambassador and Director of Le Cordon Bleu São Paulo, and the management of Ofner. Together, Ofner and Le Cordon Bleu have created six new desserts with a modern and creative visual appeal, with all the details crafted by both brands. Subsequently, the new line will be introduced in Ofner stores at Shopping Iguatemi and Pinheiros. The project also includes the release of a new collection of a beloved Brazilian favorite with a French twist - the Crème Brûlée Panettone for Christmas 2023.

"Ofner has a tradition of over 70 years, and our purpose is to offer a unique experience centered around gastronomy and hospitality. Le Cordon Bleu is globally recognized for its excellence in culinary education. For us, this partnership is inspiring, as we share many values such as tradition, innovation, excellence, creativity, and passion. The results will soon be seen in the showcases and menus of our main stores, and undoubtedly, it will be a success," says Mario Martins da Costa Jr, CEO of Ofner.

For Patrick Martin, International Ambassador of Le Cordon Bleu and Director of the institute in São Paulo, this is a family-oriented project that brings together two brands considered heritage. "It's the association of two brands known for quality in the market. Le Cordon Bleu has international experience in fusion projects with excellent brands. We are continuing a model that we have already worked on in countries like Japan, Australia, and Korea, as well as our own stores in London and Paris, among others," he explains. "An important part of this is also the investment in professionals and the Brazilian market, with highly technical training focused on modern French learning."

About Ofner

For 70 years, Ofner has been creating and preserving stories of good taste. The brand is a gastronomic choice at any time of day in the lives of the people of São Paulo. Good food and a welcoming atmosphere are the pillars that uphold the brand's values. A team of over 600 people is responsible for presenting exceptional products, developed with highly selected ingredients and produced in an artisanal manner. There are 25 strategically positioned stores throughout the city of São Paulo and a factory with 6,500m² from which more than 30,000 items are produced daily.

In 2015, Ofner began its internationalization project with the goal of exporting its products and, subsequently, opening its first store outside of Brazil, in addition to the Ofner Americas e-commerce. Besides the stores, Ofner also operates in the events and party segment with L'Atelier Ofner and sells its products through e-commerce and the Ofner Food Truck.