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«Off the Menu» Masterclass Series: Hacienda Zorita

Fuera de carta: Hacienda Zorita – Organic Farm

Hacienda Zorita gave a masterclass offering deep insight into the world of cheese making and spotlighted its origins, production, different preparation methods, et al. These artisanal cheeses were made from ingredients sourced at the Organic Farm or from the local farmers and artisans, recognized for their incomparable work.

Le Cordon Bleu Madrid students and alumni enjoyed and learned from Gemma Cambero, agricultural engineer and managing director of Hacienda Zorita Wine Hotel & Spa. Four of their flagship products are:

Hacienda Zorita complimented their masterclass with a tasting of all the cheeses, which allowed attendees to expand their knowledge of the world of cheese.

This class was yet another successful masterclass contributing to the momentum of our new masterclass series and providing value for our community of students at the Institute.