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Become a wine expert with Le Cordon Bleu Paris oenology programmes

Become a wine expert with Le Cordon Bleu Paris oenology programmes 

Le Cordon Bleu oenology programmes are world-renowned for being of an extremely high standard. Perfectly suited to those wishing to start learning about wine, or strengthen their knowledge, students discover the subtleties of this art form through tasting outstanding wines, learning about food and wine pairing, and studying prestigious crus. Thanks to the tasting techniques taught by experienced instructors and the emphasis placed on sensory skills, students will be able to develop genuine wine expertise.

Oenology programme: Wine Regions & Tasting 

Our Oenology programme is designed for wine enthusiasts who do not necessarily wish to embark upon a career in the field at the moment. This intensive programme lasts 2 weeks. It is taught by professionals who are keen to pass on their passion and expertise in the most educational way possible. Demonstrations and tastings are included in these 2 intensive weeks which are rounded off by a blind tasting. A certificate of participation will be awarded to every participant at the end of the programme.

Cost of the programme: €2,450. This includes registration fees, programme materials, tastings and equipment. At the end of the 2-week programme, participants receive a Le Cordon Bleu institute branded cool bag, tea towel and apron.

To enrol on the intensive oenology programme, you simply need to be at least 18 years old and fluent in French or English. The programme is translated into English for international participants.

Testimonials from former Le Cordon Bleu Paris oenology programme participants 

Jim Vesterman, who took part in the intensive oenology programme in 2022, told us about the wealth of knowledge he received at Le Cordon Bleu Paris:

"I have taken many short wine courses in my life and I learned more in this course than in every other wine course all added together. Clement's knowledge and teaching style are outstanding. He is one of the best teachers that I have had in a long time. [...]".

Anne-Marie Doyle took part in the intensive oenology programme in 2023 and sent us her feedback, particularly focusing on the quality of the teaching:

"Everyone was wonderful. Sandrine Audegond was an exceptional teacher and provided a wealth of knowledge about wine. I learned a great deal in a short time and am very grateful for my experience at Le Cordon Bleu!"


Diverse wines studied

Students enrolled on an intensive oenology programme have the chance to study different types of wine in detail, ranging from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne crus classés to leading spirits. This diversity paves the way to a comprehensive introduction to wine, enabling students to strengthen their knowledge at their own level. Studying these wines will enable participants to see beyond the label and understand the subtle nuances that characterise each grape variety. This immersion in all that wines have to offer provides a broad perspective and reinforces both the passion and expertise of wine enthusiasts.

The importance of tasting in the oenology programmes

Tasting occupies a central role in Le Cordon Bleu institute oenology programmes. Students will have the opportunity to explore the most renowned wine regions and discover the flavours of the most prestigious crus. At the end of the programme, participants will have acquired a new level of oenological understanding reinforced by the certificate of participation awarded by Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute.

Food and wine pairing during the oenology programme

Le Cordon Bleu Paris focuses on flavour pairings and invites you to discover culinary innovations paired with wines. Each pairing is carefully selected by the instructors to perfect your palate. The aim is to add a gastronomic dimension to the learning process. For many participants, the dishes will be just as important as the wines for their future career plans.