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New Podcast Episode: Beyond Food & Wine with Tom Badcock



tom badcockIn this episode of Beyond Food & Wine: A Le Cordon Bleu Podcast, we talk to cheese expert Tom Badcock, a regular guest lecturer at the London institute. Le Cordon Bleu London’s Senior Lecturer Nitin Radhakrishnan hosts this conversation with Tom, Cheese Specialist at Harvey & Brockless, who speaks passionately about everything to do with the world of cheese.

This episode is the third in the latest season of the podcast, with other episodes including guests Michel Roux Jr., Asma Khan, Chris Galvin, Nancy Silverton, Ollie Dabbous and John Williams MBE. All episodes are available to stream through Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor and Spotify. You can view all episodes available here.

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