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MSc in Culinary Innovation Management Graduation


Le Cordon Bleu London recently held a graduation ceremony for the first group of students to graduate from the MSc in Culinary Innovation Management, which Le Cordon Bleu run in partnership with Birkbeck University of London.

The ceremony took place at the institute in Holborn, with graduating students, teaching chefs and Birkbeck lecturers present. As this was the first group of students to take this unique master’s degree it was a particularly special occasion and in addition, completing this programme whilst observing extra safety measures has been a challenge for students and staff alike.

Everyone has taken it in their stride and persevered in successfully completing the course. The students who have graduated despite these unusual times have proven how dedicated and passionate they are, and this speaks volumes as to their potential in the hospitality industry.

This unique master's degree combines business and management content with modules in culinary arts and hospitality. With an emphasis on innovation within the field of culinary arts and management, the programme aims to prepare students to shape the future of the industry with a creative, sustainable and entrepreneurial approach. It is designed and delivered by academic staff and culinary professionals who are experts in their fields and aims to attract applicants from different backgrounds, whether experienced professionals or recent graduates.

Le Cordon Bleu London wishes the new alumni of the MSc in Culinary Innovation Management the very best in their future endeavours!


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