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Q & A with National Alumni Officer

Paulina Ramintas le cordon bleu australia Meet Paulina Ramintas, Le Cordon Bleu Australia's Industry Engagement & National Alumni Officer, based in Adelaide. It’s always nice to put a Le Cordon Bleu face to a name!

What do like most about your role at Le Cordon Bleu Australia?

I am given the opportunity to inspire others, by sharing the journeys of our alumni and the many ways they incorporate their Le Cordon Bleu education into successful careers. Sharing their stories can inspire all alumni, current and prospective students, and the culinary arts and hospitality industry overall.

What excites you about the culinary arts & hospitality industry?

Food. Everyone loves food but there is more to culinary arts and hospitality. The industry brings people from around the world together, which allows everyone to share and experience different food and cultures. It is so diverse and without the diversification, the industry (and food) would probably be quite boring!

What achievements are you most proud of?

My role as Industry Engagement and National Alumni Officer has created an opportunity to revamp what Le Cordon Bleu Australia is doing to enhance the Le Cordon Bleu alumni experience. An achievement would be developing the new alumni strategy, which will include a focus on increasing alumni on-campus engagement and alumni in business.

Soon we will be recruiting for an Australian Alumni Chapter Committee, formed of Le Cordon Bleu Australia alumni to contribute to the creation of activities and opportunities for all Le Cordon Bleu Australia alumni. This will be announced on the Le Cordon Bleu Australia Alumni Chapter (LCBAAC).

Have you studied a Le Cordon Bleu programme?

Not yet! I would like to in the future. I've been thinking about studying one of the new online Higher Education Certificates - a Graduate Certificate in Hospitality Leadership.

Can you tell us about your personal work ethics?

To me, an important work ethic is professional integrity. Being true to yourself and having strong moral principles may be easy in your personal life but understanding the difference between personal integrity and professional integrity is also important. Simply put, professional integrity includes being true to your profession and the values, goals and standards that come with it. This can be applied to all professions.

What career or personal challenges have you overcome, and what did you learn?

A main career and personal challenge I have overcome was completing both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees whilst working full time at Le Cordon Bleu Australia. Something obvious I learnt is time management, but I also learnt if you truly want to accomplish something, you will always find a way to do it.

My advice to students and alumni is: be inspired by others, which does not mean to compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own journey and timeline and it is important to remember this as a student, alumni and in all aspects of life.
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