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Exclusive Talk with MasterChef Indonesia Contestant & alumni
Mario Oswin

Mario Oswin

At the age of 19, Mario Oswin, is the youngest contestant of MasterChef Indonesia season 10 and won third place. In 2021, he joined the Diplôme de Cuisine with Internship Pathway at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. We met him to find out more about his story, his MasterChef journey and his projects for the future.

Can you introduce yourself in just a few words?
My name is Mario Oswin and I'm 19 years old. It's been more than 6 months since I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Paris. I took the Diplôme de Cuisine with Internship Pathway last year and now I am the TOP 3 of MasterChef Indonesia Season 10.

Tell us why you decided to join MasterChef Indonesia?
It all started with a small dream. Since I was 10, MasterChef has been my favourite cooking show on TV. I kept watching it over and over again until I felt motivated to join. My biggest goal has always been to be known in public as both an influencer and chef. With MasterChef as a stepping stone, I believe I can achieve that goal.

What was your first memorable moment during MasterChef Indonesia?
To be honest, it's hard to choose which one, but the very first memory that stuck in my head was the moment I got 2 "yes" from the judges and I fainted in front of them. What an embarrassing moment!

What was the biggest challenge you faced during the competition?
The toughest one was when I had to cook a whole goat's head. It was a total disaster. I couldn't cope with the smell and the look wasn't appetising. Aside from that, the real enemy is us. We have to fight our ego, spread positivity, and really put a healthy mindset to our head. Don't let any negativity come near you.

How do you think Le Cordon Bleu helped you in this competition?
As an alumni, Le Cordon Bleu provided me with enough resources and materials containing recipes that I can easily access. All the books, modules, and notes I took during demonstration classes helped me to be more creative and inventive with my dishes during the competition. Also, words from the chefs definitely play an important role in my improvements as a young cook.

What are your future plans?
Honestly, I'm open to any opportunities. I'd really like to explore more about the F&B industry along with the entertainment industry. Also, I'm currently on my way to find my style of cooking that defines myself as a cook. In the long term, it is certain that I will open up a food business.

Any advice to a future cuisine student?
Just be sure to know that you are on the right path, meaning that you already follow your passion. Never be satisfied with everything that you have. Always listen to what the chef demands and don't take it personal.

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