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Love Letter from K. Pompam


We believe that most of Thai people know this guy, K. Pompam - Niti Chaichitathorn, the famous TV host, actor and TV program creator. Many people first know him from his famous show "Thoey Thiaw Thai" or "The Route".

However, not much people realize another of his talent which is cooking. K. Pompam is now a current Intermediate Cuisine Student (Saturday Sessions) at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit. What makes him pursue his passion on culinary arts while his career now is coming a long way. The answer was written in his love letter or something we call "Letter of Motivation" stating about a love of cooking. 😍

14th June 2022

       I wrote the first letter of motivation almost 2 years ago when I was applying for BCS course. In which, I referred that MIDDLE-LIFE CRISIS was the biggest motive that drive me very urge to study in culinary school. I entered BCS without knowing if I could make it through, all I know was after 20 years of hard working, I really needed to learn something new, to find more skill, unless I was going to be like a pencil that never be sharpened and I found cooking was something fancy.

Chef Jeffrey put me aside to calm me down and gave me a really good advice "Go wash dishes"

       As I mentioned, I started without any prior knowledge of culinary. Instead of making me nervous or becoming an obstacle, I found myself really excited being in a kitchen, exploring new skills I had never known that I occupy. I even happier when I realized that things that I am not good at never defeated me. In contrary, that encouraged me to be better in the next session. Probably not best, but better, but that already made me proud of myself being better in each and every single days. I still remember vividly when I made mistakes after mistakes in one practice in the basic cuisine class until I was shaking and started having a panic attack. Chef Jeffrey put me aside to calm me down and gave me a really good advice.

       “Go wash dishes”

       Trust me that really works

       Instead of keep trying cluelessly which only gods know that how long it’s going to last, he had me go washing my dishes and reminding myself what’s the work flow and what to do next. He explained that, I may lost 5 minutes but I would gain back for sure another extra 10 minutes. I always remember and still exercise his advice until now.

       According to those above, I had never thought I would enjoy or found a kitchen as a happy and inspiring place until I study at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit.

       Not only that the school inspires me, but I feel much honored that me being a student here also inspires others too. I received plenty of direct messages every time I posted photos of me in the school uniform or of food I cooked asking about the course, the application or even telling me that seeing me as a culinary student make them want to cook again or realize that it is never too late to learn something new.

       So, my second letter of motivation is not being written out of cluelessness to find something new in life like the first one. This is one written out of joy and pride of being a student here. This is one written out of happiness of knowing that I can be better in each and every day. And I am more than sure that I will be all mentioned above again in the Superior Cuisine Class.

Niti Chaichitathorn

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