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Le Cordon Bleu Peru officially granted a university status

Le Cordon Bleu Peru University

November 2018 - Le Cordon Bleu Peru is officially granted a University status, having its license confirmed by the Peruvian National Superintendency of Higher Education University (SUNEDU). In this, the University Le Cordon Bleu (ULCB) has met all the quality conditions required by law for higher education. The ULCB, with around 600 students, specializes in gastronomy, hospitality, management and business management programs, offering the following Bachelor degrees :

In this very special success underlining the quality education of the University Le Cordon Bleu in Peru, André Cointreau, President Le Cordon Bleu, stated:

"It is with great honour and pride that Le Cordon Bleu receives a University license in Peru from the highest education authorities to propose superior educational programmes and trainings from Bachelors up to Masters degrees and Research. The curriculum of the university is to meet with the high standards of Le Cordon Bleu around the world, based on the international exchange of our students, academics, the expertise of our professors and the quality of its local equipment and facilities.
We aim only at the success of our students to be outstanding winners and who are the ones building year after year the wonderful reputation of Le Cordon Bleu.
Le Cordon Bleu, with its more than 20 Institutes and more than 10 University programs, is the largest Culinary Arts and Hospitality management network around the world.
With this Peruvian accreditation, Le Cordon Bleu will be able to achieve its mission to train the next generations of great chefs and managers in gastronomy, restaurant, hospitality, tourism, nutrition, food and beverages.
I would like to congratulate the whole Le Cordon Bleu Peru team, and our partners achieving the vision of Dr. Sixtilio Dalmau, the precedent President, in this outstanding recognition."

Le Cordon Bleu started its relationship in Peru in 2000, when André Cointreau, President of Le Cordon Bleu and Dr. Sixtilio Dalmau Castañón, General Director of INAT, joined forces. Since then Le Cordon Bleu Peru flourished in Miraflores, and then in the Magdalena del Mar district at the service of the blossoming tourism and culinary arts development of Peru nationwide and internationally.

With the licensing, the University Le Cordon Bleu’s academic proposal will increase from 4 to 7 bachelors degrees and 2 masters degrees:

New Bachelors degrees:

New Masters degrees:

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