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Lucas Bravo, former Sous Chef to the lead actor, a Michelin Star Restaurant Chef Owner in Netflix series

Many people who have watched the series Emily in Paris probably know Lucas Bravo, the lead actor who plays the role of the hot chef Gabrielle from Normandy (Normandie), France. The chef-owner of the restaurant LES DEUX COMPÈRES, recently awarded a Michelin Star from the latest season, has already inspired many viewers.

In this article, we would like to take everyone to get to know the menu from Le Cordon Bleu Dusit that uses ingredients from Normandy. The menus created by Le Cordon Bleu Dusit - French cuisine chef team were
Cassolette de Coquillages au Gratin and Carré de Porc Poêlé, Vallée d'Auge.

Our intermediate cuisine level will introduce you to the heart of French cuisine – classic French regional dishes that reflect and exemplify the more complicated application of the techniques introduced at the basic level. Through practice and repetition, you begin to perform tasks more easily and instinctively.

Cassolette de Coquillages au Gratin

The highlight of the food in Normandy is dairy products, such as butter and cream, the main ingredient used in the Cassolette de Coquillages au Gratin is shellfish which is another raw material that has outstanding reputation in this region because Normandy is a region adjacent to La Manche (English Channel), which is an area with turbulent and cold water. The advantage is that it will help blow a variety of different nutrients into this area. As a result, the seafood in this area is especially sweet and delicious.

As for the finishing technique, the gratin method is used. It is a method of French cooking that browns the surface of the food, which is the final step using the “Salamander”. This golden brown dish is made from a mixture of egg yolks and cream, poured over the food and then baked until golden brown. The deliberate scorching creates an appetizing beauty to the food.

Carré de porc poêlé, Vallée d’Auge

The Carré de Porc Poêlé, Vallée d’Auge uses a roasting method. The main ingredients are pork Loin on the bone and apple products, including cider, Calvados (apple liquor) and caramelized apple for which Normandy are renowned for.

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