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Becoming a pastry chef: an obvious choice for Christina

Christina Washington

Meet Christina Washington,
Diplôme de Pâtisserie 2016

2017 Pâtisserie Diploma graduate, Christina Washington already owns a pastry shop in New Delhi : Ruban Bleu. She explains how her time at the institute not only taught her the finest French pastry techniques, but also helped her become an entrepreneur.

Could you introduce yourself?
My name is Christina Washington and I’m from New Delhi, India. I am fascinated with pastry – a love affair that began when I was a little girl watching my mother bake desserts for family celebrations and festivals. The quality desserts have of being able to uplift spirits, the child-like pleasure and delighted smiles they evoke, made me realize that this was what I wanted to do in life. I wanted to create happiness through my desserts! I had one simple goal, to become a Pastry Chef and to study at the best school in the world. So I began my journey with Le Cordon Bleu Paris. I went on to work at Pierre Hermé in Paris and then at Burj Al Arab in Dubai before starting Pâtisserie Ruban Bleu in India.

Why did you choose Le Cordon Bleu Paris?
I desired to study at the best pastry school and gain the best possible knowledge and experience and so Le Cordon Bleu was an obvious choice. It is one of the oldest Pastry Schools in the world and has been consistently adding various influential and inspirational chefs to its repertoire. Once you’re a part of the Le Cordon Bleu family, it’s something you are privileged to live with throughout your career. I wanted to study pastry in the city where it all began and where people were passionate about the art of pastry. And so, Paris it had to be!

What did you learn at the institute?
There is so much that Le Cordon Bleu taught me. The Chefs at school helped me understand the foundations of French Pastry through detailed explanations. Most importantly, we were taught the importance of creativity. The skill to move away from traditional recipes and create our own. The practical classes drove us to put our knowledge to test and perfect our techniques. Along with the technical knowledge, Le Cordon Bleu taught me the importance of teamwork, attention to detail and most of all perseverance and patience because baking as they say is both an art and
a science!

What is your best memory at Le Cordon Bleu Paris?
At Le Cordon Bleu, I absolutely loved working as Chef’s Assistant. It was a dream come true! While I spoke “juste un petit peu” French, the Chefs were extremely accommodating and motivating. I was able to work closely with them during class demonstrations and that helped me gain the confidence I needed to work in professional kitchens later on. My professional success today is a direct result of my decision to start my journey with Le Cordon Bleu, Paris.

What is Ruban Bleu?
Pâtisserie Ruban Bleu is a cloud kitchen set-up that was started in 2020 with the aim of popularising traditional French Pastry among epicures in India. The name “Ruban Bleu” literally translates to “Blue Ribbon” which is an ode to my time at Le Cordon Bleu Paris and an indicative of the highquality desserts we do. We pride ourselves in procuring the finest
ingredients from across the world which help us to deliver not just a dessert but a whole gastronomic experience!